Fun Interior Design Trends 2020

The great thing about interior design in 2020 is that pretty much anything goes. You can be as individual and original as you like, just as long as it truly represents your own taste and personality. Opt for more unique pieces, for example, hand-crafted or custom made furniture. Going antique or second-hand is also another option if you’re on a lower budget. Keep an eco-friendly mindset as well as sustainability is important, and reflected in the design trends this year. Here are some examples. 

Country house chic

The recently trendy country house chic look combines the rustic with the elegant. Decorate your house with antiques and botanicals, but juxtaposed by sleek modern appliances. Go for long-lasting and quality items, but more rustic in style. This will help to create a stylish home that is both functional and sustainable. Show off brickwork, wood flooring and feature pieces like leather sofas. TCH Furniture can help you refresh your dining room and bedroom as well to get you the look you want this year. 


As we are becoming more and more aware of our responsibility to fight climate change, a trend has developed in which people keep the future in mind for more sustainable ways to decorate. Many people are aiming to find long-term fixtures and furnishings, in order to minimize waste. It could be, therefore, that more fast, flatpack furniture will continue to be on a decline and most people will prefer to spend more money on high quality, long-lasting pieces. Anything with a more timeless style will be more popular, something that doesn’t go out of fashion. Recycled or sustainable materials are also more trendy than synthetic ones. Go for vintage, or second-hand artwork as well. 

Natural Materials

Natural materials will help to create a timeless design. Many people are investing in natural luxuries, such as quality woods, linen, and marble. Not only do these have a timeless look but are very durable, thus making them stylish and ecological. Decorating your house with plants and flowers is always appealing and this creates a more “green” environment. Bring some spring flowers in too to brighten up the place. Blond woods are also trending right now.

Colors Schemes

Have fun with color this year. You can choose the colors that work for you, as said before, anything goes, but there are some suggestions on the color palette in 2020. Warmer shades such as gold and coral pinks are in this year, but also mint greens and icy blues. Contrast these with black frames and strong outlines. Blue is the main interior design color in 2020. Read more about the evolution of blue this year. 

You’re also free to have fun with patterns. It’s a growing trend to match the pattern of the furnishings to the wall. This means that the pattern of your sofa, for example, is continued in your wallpaper. If not, mixing different patterns is also very in right now so have a play with your favorite designs. 

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