Get to the Church in Style: Ideas For Wedding Transport


When you are planning your wedding, there are lots of little details to think about. The main things like the venue and style of dress you want are only the beginning. Smaller things like what favours or flowers to have all play a part in the day. One other detail that often gets left to the last minute is how to get to the venue. Most other things get arranged, and then you forget about actually getting to your own wedding! There are lots of different options, to suit all budgets and personal style, though. So if you are currently deciding, here are some ideas to help.

Sports Cars

You might know someone with a sports car, or simply want to hire one for the day. Either way, this is the perfect car for a bride and her mother or father to arrive in. You could choose something like a Maserati or a Lamborghini, for example. They will have you arriving in style and zooming off to the reception in style too. They can often come in bright colours, especially ones for hire. So that is something to consider when choosing a sports car.

Classic Car

You might want to go for a more traditional car to arrive at your wedding in. A chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce or a Bentley is always a good look. So if you are having a classic and elegant wedding, then it would be a good option for you. You could even think about getting a chauffeur driven car to the airport or honeymoon destination after the wedding. Somewhere like Greyline Chauffeurs would give you an indication of what that would cost. Then you can plan it into your wedding budget.

Horse and Carriage

What is more like a fairytale than getting a horse drawn carriage to your wedding? It will leave you feeling like a princess, that’s for sure. There is usually a little more space in these carriages too. So you could fit your bridesmaids in there with you too. It is a slow form of transport, so best if your venue won’t be too far from your home or hotel.

Novelty Vehicle

It is your wedding day so you can decide what style you want it to be. If it is going to be more of a contemporary wedding, then choosing a novelty vehicle could be a fun idea. How about a fire engine or an army wagon? You could hire a Hummer or even a ‘Ghostbusters’ car. You could arrive in a classic New York style yellow cab, or a London-style black and white cab. If you want something novel, you will be able to find it to hire online!

Stretch Limo

If you want to be with all of your bridesmaids as you arrive, then choosing a stretch limousine could be a good idea. You can all be in the same space and arrive in style. It will feel exciting’; like prom night all over again. Perfect for those of you with a larger wedding party.