How to Get Free Perfume Samples

Have you ever wondered how some girls seem to know all about the latest perfume releases and which ones smell good and last all day? Well, it turns out, if you visit the fragrance and cosmetics’ counters, you may just find yourself with several free samples in hand. Today’s topic is about how to get absolutely free perfume samples.

How Do They Afford To Give Them Away For Free?

When perfume companies manufacture a perfume, they make it in such a huge volume that they have a great deal of excess product left over. That works in your favour, as this means are willing to then invest that left over surplus into free samples to potential customers. The sample may come in a plastic pouch or in small sample bottles.

The fragrance companies understand several underpinnings to the perfume industry. For starters, because everyone’s body chemistry is different, all kinds of scents will smell good on you, but well, downright dreadful on another person. And, the opposite is also true. What smells good on someone else might do nothing for you.

In the name of allowing you the chance to try out the scent on different occasions, to truly fall in love with the fragrance, they will give you absolutely free samples. Even the larger samples will eventually run dry. This is particularly true if you are partial to one scent. That means, when it runs out, you are more likely to invest the money yourself into buying the full-priced perfume.

Do I Have To Step Foot In The Stores To Get Samples?

You are likely to find perfume samples in your local Boots and Superdrug, but online services like  find and promote all freebies currently available. This means that you can order as many free samples as you want from the comfort of your own home, while catching up on Netflix and eating pizza (which, let’s admit, are our priorities here). 

Check out the top free perfume samples currently on offer…

  1. Givenchy are offering free samples of their new divine fragrance. Dahlia Divin Nude is akin to a glamorous gown, with a high-end formal tone that creates golden memories. You can claim the sample by clicking here.
  2. Versace’s Dylan Blue is another high-end fragrance that comes in an ample sample size for men. It has a wooden, musky scent. 
  3. Check out Valentino’s Donna Acqua for a distinctive aroma of both pear and almond with jasmine and frangipani. Sandalwood provides a nice finishing effect.
  4. Lancome’s Nuit Tresor is a nice variation on its famous Tresor line. It features vanilla, black rose, frankincense, along with more fruity raspberry for a sophisticated aroma.

Try any of these fragrances absolutely free to see if they work for you. If not, there’s nothing lost. You can also check out this infographic which advises you how to get free perfume samples.

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