Gin And Tonic Pancakes. You’re Welcome.

Pancakes are just basically delicious whatever the occasion.  There are so many different types though.  From the frail, delicate crepe to the fat and deliberate all american hero.  There is a pancake for every human on the planet.  

Pancakes can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Although you must remember a savoury dinner cake is NOT an omelette for any of those who claim it is.  A pancake full of cheese and ham is very different to a whisked up, fluffy omelette.  Both are equally as wonderful.  One doesn’t have flour in it, and if you are making it right, it doesn’t have milk either.  

Some like a little sweet and savory with the delicious taste of maple syrup and bacon.  Others opt for the basic sugar and lemon combination.  There are so many easy pancake recipes that even your children can whizz them up and produce the most delicious of meals.

However, we think we have stumbled across the greatest recipe of all time.  Because we are good people, we are going to share it with you.  

Gin and Tonic Pancakes.  (This is probably the greatest invention since the wheel)

So, what are you going to need to create this marvel? It’s a tadge more complicated than we’d like, but it’s ok.  We’ll guide you through.

Your ingredients

The juice of 1 orange

Orange zest

3tbsp sugar

A good glug of quality Gin (We particularly like Bombay Sapphire.  But go with whatever)

150ml of tonic water.  (You could go lo-cal but that seems a little weird given the rest of the ingredients)

200g self-raising flour

1 egg

50ml milk

knob of butter

How the magic happens …

First you need to make the orange zest topping.  Start by peeling the zest from an orange.  Curl this around a cocktail stick.  Essentially this is just to make it look fancy, you could completely skip this step if you like.  

Next, the gin and tonic syrup.  Obviously our favourite bit.  Squeeze the orange juice into a pan and then add the sugar and all of your gin (not all as in the whole bottle.  We have given you the measurements but feel free to tweak this to your own tastes)  Boil the mixtre for three minutes.  It shouldn’t take longer than this, but you want it to have infused with flavour and be a light syrupy consistency.  

Now turn your attention to the pancake.  Place your flour in a bowl and add your egg.  Then pour in the tonic water and whisk until smooth.  Ok you might be freaking out a little here as there is no milk (great if you are lactose intolerant) and you are putting fizzy water into a mix.  It’s ok.  The french do it all the time!

Melt the butter into a pan and then spoon the pancake mix in to make small pancakes.  You’ll know when they are ready.  Golden brown on each side.  Then it’s simple.  Stack them on a plate, drizzle over the gin syrup and decorate with your twirly zest (the bit you don’t really need)

Then.  Eat.  Eat and eat and eat.