Go Against Tradition And Surprise Your Guests With These Wedding Ideas


We all aim to have a wedding day which is unique, and will stand out from other weddings. One way you can do this is by skipping traditions. A lot of them are tiresome and can make the day forgettable. Therefore, here are some ideas how you can go against tradition and surprise your guests with a truly unique day!

Go for chocolate rather than traditional fruitcake

For the past few centuries, you would not expect anything other than a fruitcake at a wedding. But, I for one, hate fruit cake. In fact, I eat the icing and then tend to throw away the rest of the cake! And I think this view is shared by a lot of people. So, for your wedding, you should choose a unique cake that everyone will enjoy. You could consider going for a chocolate sponge which will go down a treat at your wedding. Everyone will want a slice, and you will feel like the cake was money well spent. Or a lot of people are now having a cheesecake! As we said previously, the tiered cake is made entirely from cheese! So you could have a layer of brie, cheddar cheese, and mozzarella!

Choose a modern band rather than a classic disco

At weddings, you can expect to have a DJ blasting out tunes until midnight. But after a few classic songs, it can be boring for guests. After all, most DJ’s play the same 80 and 90’s songs! Therefore, make your entertainment fun by looking into hiring a band. A party band will get the party going. You can get them to play all the latest hits so that the younger guests can all enjoy the music! A band tend to get everyone in the party spirit and can make sure your evening does not drag for guests!

Have a buffet rather than a traditional wedding breakfast

The food is one of the main things people look forward to when they attend a wedding. But a traditional three-course wedding breakfast can be tiresome. There is often a dish that your guests won’t like. And the tables can be awkward for people who don’t know anyone! Therefore, go against tradition and have a buffet instead. Your guests can help themselves and choose the food they want to eat! Also, let your guests sit where they want; it will save awkward conversations for your guests!

Choose a colourful dress rather than a classic white number

A lot of girls feel forced to wear a traditional white dress for their big day which they don’t feel comfortable in. After all, a classic white dress doesn’t show off your style. Therefore, you should break tradition and wear a colourful dress that you want to wear for your big day. People will remember your dress for years to come, and most importantly, you will feel comfortable! As this article suggests, as long as you feel fabulous, it doesn’t matter what colour or style your dress is!

And make sure you give your wedding speeches some oomph for your wedding day. You don’t want long tiresome speeches which will leave people bored. You should try to get someone to sing their speech, or let your guests all say a few words, rather than having long speeches which will delay the party!