The Great Outdoors: Pulling Off An Outdoor Wedding

Picture the scene. You’re about to marry the person of your dreams and spend the rest of your lives together. There isn’t much that could make this image any better, apart from doing it outside. When you add a beach, a stack of chairs, and a massive tent, it multiplies the event by ten. But, an outdoor wedding isn’t something that you should take lightly. Indeed, many people have tried and failed miserably, and you don’t want to become another statistic.

So, what do you need to do to make sure that everything runs smoothly? Well, you can start with the advice below and take it from there.

Choose A Practical Location

Okay, so the idea of getting wed by the sea is intoxicating. It is also pretty difficult to get right. The problem with a beach is that you’re at the mercy of the elements. In simple terms, everything from the rising tide to the sea breeze can have a negative effect on your big day. You might not see it now, but you will when you look at the photos and you’re sporting a bird’s nest for a hairdo! With that in mind, it’s essential that you think about the potential pitfalls before you make your final decision. Otherwise, you’ll get a nasty surprise on the biggest day of your life.

Pin Everything Down

The wind isn’t only a factor on the beach. If it’s not a nice day weather wise, a strong gust can wreak havoc. Before you know it, there will be tables, chairs, and a selection of entrées swirling around the guests’ heads. The only way to stop the wind from playing a part in the wedding is to nail whatever you can to the floor. The term ‘nail’ is a figurative term, so there is no need for a hammer. There is a need to try and give everything a steady base, though, so that it doesn’t blow away. The chairs are the main culprits, yet they aren’t the only ones. Tables, the cake, and even musical instruments aren’t safe.

Hire A Tent

Summer is on the way, so the weather should be perfect. Still, there is no way to track the weather unless you’re Michael Fish. Showers can come and go, and one small pocket of rain can ruin the entire day. With a tent, there is no need to worry about the weather. The canopy will shield the guests from the elements so that they, and you, can enjoy the day in peace. Sure, a few portable heaters won’t go amiss for when the sun drops, but other than that a gazebo will do the trick.

Let There Be Light

Weddings are long days that last, well, they last all day! Even in the summer, that means there will be a time when the sun goes down. It might seem romantic, but it isn’t when the guests are falling around in a drunken stupor! The fact is that you need light to see where you’re going, yet it isn’t something couples think about for the big day. Indeed, there is so much to consider that a few fairy lights don’t seem significant. Well, they are pretty important for outside events because the sunlight doesn’t last forever. Plus, they add to the atmosphere because the lights are soft and give off a particular vibe. Remember that Mother Nature can only do so much on the wedding day. After all, you aren’t the only person she has to look after!

Power Up

While you’re thinking about the light situation, you might as well consider powering up in general. Outdoor weddings still have to cater for the guests and play live music. The obvious problem is that there are very few power outlets outside. Thankfully, there is a solution: a generator. Usually, portable power cords will do the trick, but they aren’t an option for a wedding. They could be miles from the power outlets inside, plus they look untidy. A generator is a stable source of energy that you can keep close-by but that’s also out of the way. You won’t have the first clue which one to pick, so you will need to speak to an expert. An electrician will be able to give you more insight.

Get Toilets

Just because it’s a wedding doesn’t mean everyone will hold it in until they get home. What with the booze flowing and the guests dancing, there will be plenty of people busting for the bathroom. You can’t let them go on the dance floor, so you need a suitable solution. That solution is a selection of portable toilets from a vendor like Elegance Toilet Hire. Companies like this specialise in outdoor toilets, but they also have a luxury feel. Let’s face it – it’s your wedding and you want to go in style. The only question you need to answer is how many will you need. The amount depends on the number of guests and what you can afford.

Figure Out A Detailed Seating Plan

The seating plan is usually reserved for after the wedding, but you have to make an exception when you deal with The Great Outdoors. There are going to be people that watch the reception that can’t stand for longer than five minutes. People like your grandparents or pregnant guests shouldn’t have to put their health at risk, and you don’t want them to either. So, you need to ensure that everyone who needs a seat gets one. If you plan on having enough chairs to go around, there’s no reason to worry about the seating arrangements. But, if you intend on cutting seats to reduce costs, you need to think about your poor guests. The last thing you need is for your grandma to collapse because her legs couldn’t take it anymore!

Be truthful: did you think an outdoor wedding could be this hard? Probably not, right? Well, now you know, so there should be no excuses for any nasty surprises. Oh, and the wedding should run smoothly, too.