Guide to Buying a Car: New vs Nearly New vs Used

Late last year I spoke about why I’m finally going to have to learn how to drive. Even though I am now in my thirties, I’ve never got round to it – but soon I’m going to have to find the time. In the next few years I’ll be (hopefully) starting a career as a teacher and having children, and I can’t imagine doing either of those things successfully without a car!

One of the reasons I’ve always put it off is because I don’t really know anything about cars, and I certainly don’t know anything about purchasing a car. Once upon a time I worked for a motor company writing articles, so though I know all about maintaining your car, I’ve never got to grips with the differences between new, nearly new and used cars. There’s so much information out there that I find it overwhelming so I wouldn’t know where to start!

Luckily, (a women-drivers insurance provider who specialise in student, learner and new drivers) have created a rather pretty infographic to make buying a car much more simple – ideal for first time drivers or people like me who don’t have a clue! I’ve attached it below so hopefully it will be of help to some of you. Happy driving!

*This post has been created in collaboration with Go Girl Car Insurance but all opinions my own*