Life: Hardly Ever Worn It | Luxury Fashion for Less

hardly ever worn it review

If you’re a regular reader of A Literary Cocktail, you’ll know that though I love to spend my hard-earned cash on beauty products and clothes, I’m always looking for a bargain to keep those costs low.

As trends change so often I find that it makes sense to buy most of my clothing and accessories from budget shops such as Primark and Boohoo; if you’re only going to wear something for one season, then what’s the point in spending more?

Along with this, unfortunately my bank balance won’t let me spend whatever I’d like. This means that though I frequently covet pieces from luxury designer fashion brands such as Chanel, YSL and Burberry, I have yet to take the plunge. For me (your average twenty-something graduate trying to make a living in a full time job up North), high-end brands are a definite no-no when it comes to trends, but I think they are perfect for investment pieces. By investment pieces I mean the perfect long-lasting handbag (hello Chanel), the never-out-of-fashion Burberry trench coat or a classic pair of Jimmy Choo heels that you’ll wear again and again.

I never thought I’d EVER be close to affording those kind of brands, but I was recently introduced to Hardly Ever Worn It, an online marketplace that buys and sells designer brands, meaning you can find designer fashion for less. So this means people can sell their unwanted luxury fashion items through a trustworthy site, and buyers can find a bargain safe in the knowledge that the piece is legit.

You can purchase items for as low as £40 and apparently celebrities even this website to buy and sell designer items, which I am sure is a big selling point to many.

I think Hardly Ever Worn It is a great idea and such a useful find! Most of the items are still out of my price range but at least I know there is a place I can go once I’ve had a pay rise or two. Or you know, won a small fortune on the lottery or something.



 What do you think of the pieces I’ve chosen? Would you use this site?