Switch Up Your Lunchbox For A Healthy Working Week

The cold weather has well and truly arrived, so it’s tempting to grab plenty of spiced lattes, and not forgetting a cookie or a cake to go with them. While these tasty treats are satisfying on many levels (so satisfying); they’re not going to fill you up for long, and the sugar might just leave you crashing and craving more an hour or two later. During the working week; it can be tempting to find a quick fix regarding your food so that you feel that you have the energy to make it through the morning or afternoon, especially when it’s cold outside.

There’s nothing wrong with indulging in the odd treat, and the weekend is the perfect time to do so. However, while you have a long and sometimes stressful weekday ahead of you; you need to be feeding your body with nourishing, and delicious food that will keep you fuller for longer and nourish you in the meantime. With so much ambiguity surrounding food labels and packaging; it can be a challenge to find out exactly how something from a shop will impact your balanced diet. Therefore, it’s worth putting a little effort into creating your own healthy lunches to take to work each day; you’ll have a delicious meal to eat, and save your pennies too. Here are some healthy lunchbox ideas. 

Snacks Can Be Healthy

It’s so easy to get to about 3 pm and start thinking about biscuits with your tea; sugar and snack cravings can be a challenge to overcome. However, there are sites like supernuts.com.au which will show you the range of nuts and dried fruit that make great alternatives to half a packet of hobnobs. There is plenty of fibre in nuts, and they have the great savory snack taste you’ll be after, or if you need a burst of sweetness; dried fruit is the perfect way to get a dose of natural sugar, coupled with vitamins and fibre too. Make a little pot which contains a mixture of the two, or you could even sprinkle some on those salads you’ve been creating.

You can’t go wrong with fruit, but there are also plenty of healthy alternatives to the junk food we all love. Find my recipe for healthy mini pizzas made with coconut flour here.

A Fresh Take On Salads

A Tupperware container with a few iceberg lettuce leaves and a soggy tomato is never going to be an appealing option for your lunch, especially during in the cold weather. Therefore, it’s worth checking out the plethora of autumn and winter salads, that can also be served partially or fully warmed. Sites like pinterest.co.uk are full of ideas; ranging from simple to the more adventurous, but all will be tasty and will fill you up at your desk. You can use a mix of cupboard bought ingredients like legumes, beans, and wholegrain rice, with fresh veg and homemade dressing; delicious. And, if you’ve spent time doing a yummy homemade stew or soup the night before; take a portion into work to reheat, and enjoy a healthy lunch that’s perfect for the chilly seasons, and will keep those coffee shop cravings away!