Honeymoon Locations: What type of break should you choose?

Choosing your honeymoon location can be one of two things: the easiest decision you’ve ever made, or the hardest decision that you’ve yet to make. It’s meant to be the holiday of a lifetime, a chance for you to spend intimate time with your new beau and a trip to remember. Whether you have plans or relaxing the whole time or getting up to different activities every day, you need to make sure that it’s something that you’re both comfortable with and will enjoy – it’s time that you won’t be able to get back.

Country Escape

You don’t necessarily have to go abroad to get to pastures new. Flitting off together to a nice place of residence for a period, such as The Wood Norton Hotel, can be just the ticket to either getting your honeymoon kick-started or for the whole duration. There is a lot to be taken in in the English countryside, and a lot is taken for granted. There are spots of natural beauty dotted all over the country, as well as in Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Depending on what scenery you’re after – whether mountains, coastal, pastures or even farmland – it’s all available to you if you do a quick search online.

Relaxing By the Beach

As above, there are obviously a lot of beaches in the UK, but the sun can’t be guaranteed. If you’re looking for warmer climates and sandy shores, rather than a beach that a dog would love to get muddy along, check online to see which countries have the best temperature for you at the time. If you can’t handle the heat well, then don’t aim for the hottest country that you could go for – some, such as parts of Australia and Europe, have temperatures that can reach over 40 degrees in the daytime. If you want to be able to actually sit outside in the sun and enjoy it, you need to use a bit of common sense and take into consideration what you would actually be comfortable doing.

Whizzing Off to New Adventures

Although it’s traditionally seen that honeymoons are relaxing, there is a whole host of activities that you can get up to. Whether it’s white water rafting, sky diving, swimming with turtles or off-roading, being part of a partnership whilst doing them can be great fun. It may not be that you can do these things in the country that you live in, so a flight abroad is definitely recommended. There are certain places, like the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, that accommodate a lot of these activities; see if you can find a like-for-like place if you’re not keen on travelling that far that will be able to offer you the same amount of activities, if not more. You may find that it’s slightly cheaper to central it closer to home, and more convenient too with the duration of the flights back to the motherland. Go with the flow and make sure that you come to an agreement of where to spend your time and what to do with it.