Honeymoon Vibes: Five Things You Shouldn’t Forget To Pack

One of the biggest days you will ever have in your life is your wedding day. From the moment you start wedding planning, the stress begins, and you have an entire day to think about. The aftermath of that day feels like it’s so far in the distance that it doesn’t even matter when you’re busy choosing favours and wedding invitations. But it SO does!

Once you’ve got through the wedding planning and walked down the aisle, danced the night away and collapsed in the suite at the country house, you have to think of the next steps: the honeymoon. Ideally, you’d have booked it, paid for it and packed for it before the wedding day, but not every couple has the means to do that and a lot of people wait until after the wedding to sort the honeymoon. So, while you’re in your post-wedded bliss, you can use our handy list of five things that you mustn’t forget for the perfect honeymoon.

Your Essentials

Okay, so this may be more than one item here, but your essentials should be put to one side before you fly so that you don’t forget anything. This includes:

  • Passport
  • Credit cards
  • Visa (if needed!)
  • Driving licence
  • Any reservation confirmations

All of these are the must-have items and should be on you at all times!

Flip Flops

There are so many honeymooners that forget to pack their flip flops before their flight. They’re the ultimate shoe for a vacation, and they work for the pool, beach, shops and pretty much every outfit that you have in your suitcase! You’re on honeymoon – comfort is key!


Bikinis, tankinis, one-pieces, sarongs – no matter what you do, do not forget your swimwear. You need some to swim in, and you need some for flirtatious pool lounging that simply makes you look great – especially if you have a honeymoon photoshoot booked.

Something Special To Wear

A honeymoon evening outfit is an absolute must; especially if you want a long and beautiful dress for a night time meal on the beach. You get to choose an outfit he’s never seen before, and for after your meal, check babydoll lingerie here. Something fun has to be included, right?

A Journal

Your honeymoon is going to be one thing that you want to remember, and it can go past in the blink of an eye. Bringing a brand new, clean journal with you can be what you need for those lazy days on the beach. You can fill out how he proposed, how your wedding planning went, how you felt when you saw him as you walked up the aisle. These details are all things that you will want to remember for the rest of your life.

Your honeymoon should not be a stressful time in your life. Instead, it should be a magical way to step into life as a married person who is excited about the future.