How To Create A Home Office

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Thanks to the pandemic, more people than ever are having to work from home, and learn how to make that work.  There are plenty of distractions to put you off your work, whether it’s the distraction of household chores calling you, noisy children, or not having a space to work in away from your housemates. Having a proper office set up can really help you to concentrate make life at home much more bearable. The right office setup is important for you to get work done. 

Close The Door

A noisy household can cause a home office to become a necessity. Being able to shut the door on the rest of the house helps to better separate work and home. If other people are at home while you’re working, a closed-door also reduces any noise that might put you off. The door can also be a visual signal to children or housemates that you’re at work. Teach everyone you share your home with that a closed-door means that you are working and don’t want to be disturbed unless it is an emergency. 

Set Up Your Desk Right

Setting your desk up correctly can help you to focus much better. Try and make your setup ergonomic. An ergonomic desk setup is not only more comfortable to sit at and but can also improve your posture. If you’re comfortable, you can stay at your desk for longer and reduce the risk of stiff shoulders and back from bad posture. Choose a desk chair that gives proper support to your lower back. Put your monitor so it is at eye level, and try out items like ergonomic mouse mats and keyboards to find what is comfortable and supportive for you.

Keep the surface of your desk clutter-free. Clutter can be off-putting so keep it to a minimum. Desk tidies or trays can keep the things you need on your desk tidy but still in easy reach. Put everything else tidily into drawers so you can keep your desk clear. A few personal items like a plant, a mug, or a picture of your dog can make you feel more upbeat about your workspace without being a distraction. 

Manage Noise

Noise from around the rest of the house can be a big problem, so try and block out as much as you can. Shut your office door, and think about adding some soundproofing if you can afford it. Noise-cancelling headphones can be a lifesaver for the easily distracted too. You can use them to listen to music if you like to, or these headphones can be worn silently to deaden any noise from elsewhere in the house, so you can properly focus without being distracted by your husband watching TV, your housemate arguing, or the kids playing loudly. If you find headphones uncomfortable, you could try putting on the radio or listening to music so you can focus on that instead of noise from the house, which might be less off-putting.  

However you set up your home office, make sure it is a calm, happy space and remember to put your mental health first! x

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