Life: Not Ready For Your Period? Here’s How To Delay It

Women may choose to delay their periods for many reasons. Many women do not want the inconvenience of having to deal with their cycle when on holiday. The choice of clothes and swimwear is restricted, with many women feeling self-conscious about their body due to bloating and the risks of heavy bleeding. Women also choose to delay their period during celebrations, such as weddings. But how can you achieve this? The only reliable way to do so is via medication. If you’ve been wondering how to delay your period, here’s how to do it.

The Combined Contraceptive Pill

The only way to delay your period is by taking oral contraceptive pills without a break. The most common being the combined oral contraceptive pill. You can delay your period by taking the second pack straight after the first.

Examples Of Contraceptive Medication

Monophasic – This type of contraceptive, such as Microgynon, is taken over a 21 day period. You then have 7 ‘pill free’ days. If you want to postpone your cycle, then after finishing your last pill on day 21, start your next packet immediately.

Everyday (ED) – These contraceptives, such as Lorynon ED, are taken every day. The first 21 pills are active pills; the last 7 are placebos. You simply skip taking the last 7 and begin your next pack.

The Progestogen-Only Pill

For those women taking the Progestogen-only pill, then you cannot take this pill to skip your period. The only option available is the use of treatment like Norethisterone. You will need to make an appointment with your GP or have a consultation online to have this prescribed.

If You Are Not Already On The Pill

If you are not already on the pill, then you need to see your GP and explain the reason why you wish to take them. Many GPs are happy to prescribe Norethisterone, as opposed to long-term contraceptives, which will delay your period at a time of your choosing. This is simply a short-term measure.

The medication is not suitable for women with a history of blood clots or hypertension. This medication can also cause some side effects, which may include: bloating, nausea, breast tenderness, and headaches.

Some Side Effects Of Using Combed Contraceptives

As with all contraceptive pills, when you opt to take two packs ‘back to back’ you may experience some side effects, which are not dangerous. These side effects may include bloating and stomach pains.

What Are The Risks?

Many women worry about the risks of taking two packets ‘back to back’, but there is no additional risk. Using these pills to delay your period will not affect how they work as a contraceptive, so you are still protected from unwanted pregnancy. The only downside is that it may be harder to know if you are pregnant. You may also experience slight spotting, which is a nuisance.

There are risks associated with taking any combined contraceptive. Women who are not suitable for the pill include those who lead an unhealthy lifestyle, who have hypertension, who smoke and who are aged 35 years or older.

To learn more about how you can delay your period with contraceptives make an appointment with your GP. I hope this is helpful!