How To Find Great Restaurants When Travelling

Travelling is great for many things, including making new friends and seeing amazing sights you’ve never seen before, but my favourite part about it is the food. Regardless of where you’re going or how long for, food is an essential part of the trip, and it’s one that can make your time completely unforgettable. Although you may be comfortable enjoying the foods of chain restaurants you have back home, trying the local food is much more exciting. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy to find great restaurants in areas you aren’t familiar with. To make your experience a lot easier, here are four tips.

Go Through Guide Books

As soon as you know where you’re going, head to the travel section of a local bookstore or library and take a look at their travel guides. Many contain suggestions of local restaurants for you to check out, usually both in tourist spots and in more out of the way areas. If you see any you like the look of, then look them up online to see if you can find out any more information about them. If they’re quite a big place, they may have a website with their entire menu on it.

Check Out Blogs

If you follow any blogs based on food and know that you enjoy the same sorts of things as them, then have a look through a few of their posts and see if they’ve ever visited the same city you’re heading to. If they have, they may have a few ideas of places that you can check out while you’re there. You could also look at a few travel blogs to see the sorts of places they suggest you eat while you’re away.

Have A Look Around

If you’re out and about, then look to see which places are the busiest, which look the nicest, and which smell the best. You could always go in and have a drink before getting a full meal, as this will give you time to check out the menu, find out about the kitchen hygiene policies, and ask to see the kitchen. If you can, head away from tourist areas, as you’ll usually find much nicer and cheaper meals a few blocks away.

Ask the Locals

If you want to eat like the locals, then it makes sense for you to ask them where they like to go for a meal. Often, the people at the front desk of your hotel will be more than happy to give you a few suggestions, as will the hotel concierge. You shouldn’t be afraid to ask random people on the street either; More often than not, they will be happy to share their favorite restaurant with you.

The whole point of travelling is to experience something you never have before, so why would you stick to chain restaurants that have the same menu you have back home? It’s not that difficult to find great restaurants abroad, so be adventurous and use the tips above to find something tasty and new to try.