Make Jaws Drop and Hearts Stop- Looking Gorgeous For Your Next Special Event

Have a special event coming up? Maybe it’s a huge family or school reunion, a special birthday or your wedding day? There are some times in life where you really want to look your best, make a statement and embrace the photos that are taken rather than shy away from the camera! Having plenty of time to plan and get yourself to where you want to be is your best bet, so once the date is set, you can start working towards your goal look. Here are a few of the ways you can ensure you look your very best.

Lose Weight or Tone Up

Losing weight, or just toning up if you don’t need or want to slim down is one way to both catch people’s attention as well as give you a huge confidence boost. Healthy weight loss is just one to two pounds a week, so if you plan on losing a significant amount then be sure to start as early as possible. Juice fasts and detoxes are good for shifting a couple of pounds along with water weight in the short term. But they’re not sustainable so should ideally only be used to kick-start a longer term healthy eating plan. If you begin to eat as you were after a fast or detox you will put on the weight you lost plus more, so proceed with caution. Losing weight and toning up will make you feel better in your clothes and everything will fit nicely too. So it’s easier to find the perfect outfit.

Achieve Gorgeous Hair and Skin

Beautiful hair and skin are the best accessories any woman can have! A fresh-faced, glowing complexion will make you look youthful and radiant. Start early and put together a skincare routine which targets your needs. For example, dry skin will need plenty of rich and nourishing creams, oils and masques. If you’re unsure of your skin type or don’t know which products to go for, visit a beauty counter for advice or book a facial in a salon. If you’re conscious of the signs of ageing you could have Botox injections before the big event. This will last for around three months so be sure to time your treatment right. You don’t want to have it done either too early or too late. When it comes to hair, your colour, style and length can make a dramatic difference. Don’t make any significant changes too close to the event in case you don’t like your new look, but look online for inspiration and visit a hairdresser. They will be able to take your face shape and natural colourings into consideration and let you know what will work for you.

Experiment With Makeup

Makeup is a fantastic tool and definitely worth utilising if you want to look your best. Even if you don’t wear much makeup in your everyday life, for a special event try pushing the boat out and giving it a go. Even a good foundation, face powder and bronzer will even out your complexion and make the world of difference, A swipe of mascara will open up your eyes and bring attention to them. If you’re more confident with makeup, you could go for a more glam full coverage look. Bold smokey eyes with winged liner and false lashes work well with a more subtle lip colour to balance everything out. Alternatively, you could go with a statement lipstick colour and balance it with a more subtle eyeshadow. If you’re not confident in your makeup skills, you could book a makeup artist for before the big event who will know exactly what will suit you.