Interiors: How to make the most out of a small garden

For the first time in years, my husband and I have a house with a garden, and we are so excited about it! Having a garden can make all the difference in summertime; all I need on a sunny day is to have an outside place to sit and read, and if it’s part of my own home, all the better!

Our garden is a teeny bit on the small side, however, and as I can’t bear to destroy the cute wendy house the previous owners built (my future little girl really needs that house), we have to make the most out of the space we have. I’ve been spending time making the most out of a small garden, so I thought I’d compile some of my top small garden tips so you can try them out in your own.

Use lighting to create a comfortable living space outdoors

Lighting can change everything; we know this from selfies and we know how lighting can quickly change the mood of the space. One of my favourite ways of creating a cosy, comfortable space in a small garden is by using fairy lights; they give off a soft, warm glow and can be attached anywhere. If you don’t have access to electricity outside, you can easily find battery-powered fairy lights.

Lanterns are a great affordable but effective way of adding light to a small garden, and ground lights are perfect for lighting up decking or a path.

Top tip: Wrap fairy lights around trees for a truly magical space, or across fences for a alfresco dining experience. Festive Lights have lots of tips on the top lighting trends of 2017

Potted plants are the way forward

Many small gardens do not have much space for planting flowers or herbs, but even the smallest of gardens are able to accommodate potted plants. I found some beautiful pots and went on a trip to my local B & Q (other home and garden shops are available) and bought some pre-grown flowers to pot at home. Having flowers and herbs in a small garden fills the space with colour and life; and you’ll soon see nature flocking to the area. Since having plants in the garden I have also had an influx of wildlife, including bees, so not only do I have a beautiful garden; I’m helping the ever-so-important bee population.

Top tip: Buy pet-safe flowers to protect the cats that may stray into your new outside haven!

Invest in foldable outdoor furniture

If you’re short on space, a large garden furniture set is going to make the area feel even smaller. Try foldable furniture that can be put away over night to save space; this also means you can easily move the items around the garden. I have a patch of space that is full of shade after 3pm, so it’s important I can move my furniture to follow the sun to get ultimate sunbathing time. Take a look at my 2017 garden wishlist for some of my favorite products to pick up this season.

Top tip: Use fold-away camping chairs as cheap garden seats; they can easily be stored away when not in use. 

Do you have any tips for a small garden? I’d love to hear them!

Photos courtesy of Festive Lights.