How to turn your home-working space green

So many of us now work from home, and that means we can curate our working space however we wish. Lots of big and small companies are ‘going green’ – according to Seareach 20% of all offices are now paperless, making a significant effort to reduce their impact on the environment. If you want to follow suit and make your home-office more ‘green’, here are some top tips and ideas for doing just that.

Go paperless

Do you really need to print that off? Even if you don’t go completely paperless, the more you can store digitally and the less paper you use, the better.


Recycle everything you can, and make sure you use things to their maximum potential to avoid wastage.

Use LED bulbs

The energy consumption of LED lights can be up to a 75% saving, compared to halogen bulbs. This results in much less energy required and is a cost-effective effort towards your home’s running costs.

Green heating

The cheapest source for heating and is very efficient (ideal for keeping overall costs down!). Easy & cheap to install and performs well.

Plants and natural light

Having plants in your home office will look aesthetically pleasing and can help oxygenate the space. I also find it motivates me to work harder when I have greenery around me!

Do you have any tips for keeping your home office green?

*This post is a collaborative post*