How to wrap yourself up in style this Autumn

If you’re a big fan of functional fashion, Autumn will either be the highlight or low point of your year. It’s too cold for your summer gear and too warm for thick winter coats, so the idea of experimenting with new outfits can be as daunting as it is exciting.

Don’t stress yourself if you’re stuck for ideas, though: this quick list might give you some hints on how to wrap yourself up in style this Autumn.

Stick with layers for the early days

The transition into Autumn is the hardest part of sorting out a new look, since you’ll be flip-flopping between warm and cold weather at random times in the day. If the difference between cosy and freezing is one thick layer, you’ll end up stuck in an uncomfortable middle-ground. More layers make this easier to handle – if you’re only a little bit warm, you can take off the thinnest layer and leave the others on, giving you a bit more control over how comfortable you feel. Those of you with an eye for fashion coordination might even be able to set up a totally different look for each layer, which is an impressive feat in and of itself!

Remember that boots matter

Autumn weather might be wetter but it’s far, far less obstructive than the snow and ice you’ll see at the end of the year. Warm, practical and water-resistant shoes are a great idea, especially if you can find some that already match your personal style. If you’ve worn heels and high-arched shoes before, then you won’t have much trouble slipping into a pair of ankle or knee-high boots, especially something built for style like Caprice boots. They look a lot more stylish than your average trainers or wellies but won’t get ruined by heavy rain or muddy ground.

Save your outfit with tights and leggings

They might not be that good at keeping the rain out, but a decent pair of tights can stop your outfit looking too “last-season”. There’s a big difference between bare and covered legs when it comes to skirts or shorts, and the thin layer of cloth they add can help keep your legs a little less chilly. You can wear them almost anywhere, too, and they’re usually easy to carry around in a bag or backpack for emergencies. There’s not really a reason to have some spares on-hand if you’re going to be outdoors for a long time, so pack a pair before you leave!

Swap around your colours

Autumn’s main colours can be summed up with three B’s: brown, burnt orange and burgundy. Any outfit that uses these colours will be an automatic Autumn hit, especially if you’re wearing it on a nature walk or park stroll! That doesn’t mean that you’ve got to stick to these colours exclusively, though – you could shake things up with some deep purple or patterned green to stand out from the brown background of the Autumn weather or risk some brighter shades to make up for the dimmer sunlight.

Go for less obvious brands

We’re all aware of the popular sports gear brands and coat manufacturers, but the odd and inconsistent weather you’ll get during Autumn can give you a chance to try out some new makes and stockists. There are plenty that you’ll only really online, especially if they’re based in a single shop or city, so don’t be afraid to look around for hidden gems. Companies like Donaghys could be just what you’re looking for, especially if you’re stuck looking for the last part of your dream outfit.

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