What I’d Really Like To See This Christmas

I absolutely adore Christmas. It’s definitely my favourite time of year and the run-up to the event is almost as fun as the day itself! I love buying and wrapping presents, finding the perfect gift, spending time in the kitchen baking and planning my annual Christmas party.

But, the main reason I love Christmas is because it’s the time I get to see my family. Most of my family is spread throughout the UK and though we are close, we don’t get to physically see each other as often as we’d like. I’m lucky that my sisters are also my best friends, and spending the festive period with them is what makes Christmas so special.

In all honesty, I could do without the presents, the chocolate and the tree as long as I get to see my family. In a way I’m lucky, as we are spread out so much, it means I get to have Christmas twice, one including my Mum, and the other including my Dad.

Funnily enough, without glasses or contact lenses I wouldn’t be able to see much at all this Christmas, so when Feel Good Contacts got in touch to ask if I’d like to try out their service ready for the holiday I thought it would be the ideal time.

I chose to try out the 1 Day Acuvue Moist by Johnson & Johnson and they are the best lenses I’ve ever used. Unlike some contact lenses, they keep my eyes moist all day and don’t itch. These lenses actually allow oxygen to enter the eye, avoiding any damage and have a handy ‘123’ on the outside so you can be sure that you’re putting them in the correct way. I’ve become so used to having dry, twitching eyes, or finding a contact lens has split IN MY EYE that I didn’t realise I was just using low-quality products.

Feel Good Contacts were so kind to send me a Christmas present along with my order, and as you can see it was a box full of some wonderful treats! I am a huge fan of baths and these bath bombs by Possibility smell like desserts, mmm.

Something you definitely need at Christmas is glitter, and this glitter pot by On the Fringe Ravers is absolutely stunning! You can use it on your body, as part of nail art or if you fancy it, as part of a gift. Dark nails look great for Christmas parties, and these two pots of polish from OPI Nails are perfect, long lasting and glossy. Lastly, I found a fragrance from Scent & Co in my goody box – and though I’m not sure what the scent is, it’s really festive and smells gorgeous! I’d not heard of Scent & Co before, but they are a fragrance subscription service who send you a 30-day supply of a premium perfume each month.

If you’d like to try some contact lenses from Feel Good Contacts, I have an exclusive discount code for my readers! Simply enter ALCXMAS10 at the contact lens checkout for a 10% discount.

*I was sent a box of contact lenses and a gift box for review, but all thoughts my own*