Incredibly Accessible Ways To Draw Attention To Your Favourite Features

Ladies, we will never get away from the fact that we don’t always feel good about our appearance. Society is not kind to us on that front! But, there’s no need to be self-conscious twenty-four-seven, either. Everyone has incredible features regardless, so why not focus on them instead of the things you dislike? It’s not as if it’s difficult, and saves a lot of time worrying about how people will perceive us in public.

If you’re on board, continue reading to find out more about the effective and accessible hacks every woman has at her disposal.

Use Colour

There’s no better way to draw attention to your lips, eyes or cheekbones than with vivid shades of red or pink. The human eye is drawn to contrast, and these shades do it perfectly without making your makeup tacky or too bold. The key is to leave the areas that you don’t like quite bare, which is harder than it sounds. Do you like your eyes but not your lips? Then not putting on lipstick might go against everything you believe in, but it will make your peepers pop. Alternatively, a very light coating of a soft shade of lippy is another fantastic option.

Plump Them Up

The great thing about specific features is that you can plump them up and make them bigger. Yes, we’re talking about your lips! There’s a reason lots of women are turning to lip injections. Of course, there’s no reason to do anything as bold when you’ve got a world-class pout! Don’t worry – you won’t look like a fish for the whole day. Instead, you can use concealer and your favourite lipstick to hide the natural perimeter of your lips. Once you fill in the gaps with a mixture of lipstick and lipgloss, you’ll have a pout that no one will be able to ignore.

Think Home Decor

Wait a minute – what?! Okay, so the idea of using home decor tricks to enhance your features isn’t simple to understand at first. However, when you think about the effect that mirrors have on small spaces, then you should start to get the gist. By catching the light and reflecting it, the glass ensures the room appears more prominent and more eye-catching. Well, you can do the same with your lips and eyes. Lipgloss and eyeliner have reflective surfaces that use the same effect as mirrors, drawing attention to these already luscious features.

Shape And Sculpt

Congratulations on being blessed with bushy eyebrow genes. Now, stop treating them with disdain and realise that you have a feature that most women would kill for, and that’s not an exaggeration! Yes, they might be a tad bushly, to quote Ron Burgundy, but you can change that by shaping them into an arch that looks like a work of art. Sculpting them adds volume and definition, making them stand out as all thick eyebrows should.

These are four options, yet there are lots more. So, ladies, please don’t assume there is no hope – there is plenty of it, and it’s staring you in the face!

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