How to transform your bedroom for summer

The bedroom has always been my favourite room of the house. When I was a teenager, the bedroom was a refuge from the outside and a room I could call my own; as an adult, it’s the place where I rest my head – it’s comfort. In all stages of my life, the bedroom has a special place in my heart.

It’s important for the bedroom to feel like a place of sanctuary; somewhere we can feel relaxed and at ease. If your bedroom could do with a renovation, here are some easy ideas on how to transform your bedroom into a personal haven.

Lighten your bedroom with full length mirrors

Whatever size your bedroom is, it will look bigger and brighter if you incorporate full length mirrors into your design. I love the very on-trend mirrors from Cox & Cox – they’re so pretty and stylish, and as they are propped up by the floor/wall, they can be placed anywhere you want. I use mine for applying make up and trying on outfits; it makes life so much easier.

Change your curtains

Are your curtains old, falling apart and transparent? If you have trouble sleeping in your current bedroom, this may be why. You simply cannot beat a set of high-quality black-out curtains in a calming colour, such as the ones found at For any local readers, there’s a Julian Charles store in Doncaster at Lakeside Village. Remember: #RenovateRedecorateInspire.

Update your bedding

Just like curtains, your choice of bedding can make a huge difference to the quality of your bedtime. Choose a luxurious set that matches your curtains and you’ll be thinking about crawling back into it all day long. I love supporting local brands, so make sure you check out Yorkshire Linen who have some STUNNING bedding.

Re-paint furniture

You don’t have to buy new furniture to update your bedroom! Have a DIY weekend and re-paint your current furniture. You can buy spray paint specifically for this kind of thing, and you can always replace current handles and knobs with cute ones from hardware shops such as B&Q.

Add some cushions and a throw

If you’re anything like me, you’ll absolutely adore your bed, and bedding isn’t enough for me. I love to add cushions, blankets or a throw to my bed for ultimate comfort. Even in the summer months, the British weather is fickle and I find myself reaching for soft furnishings to wrap myself in often…

Pop some books by your bedside

There are two great reasons to include some books in your bedroom. Firstly, if you have an eye for style and colour you can choose books that compliment your decor. Books such as How To Be A Parisian and FACE by Pixiwoo would both look amazing in a bedroom. Most importantly, though, reading is one of the most relaxing pastimes in the world, and there’s nothing more cosy than getting into a luxurious bed after a long day and reading a good book.

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