Just Married? Don’t Forget To Tick These Important Things Off Your List


Just married? Congratulations! I hope you are settling into married life well with your new spouse. After the excitement of the wedding and honeymoon is over, it’s almost time to relax and enjoy your wedded bliss. But don’t forget to tie all of these loose ends up first!

Organize Your Gifts

This is one of the most fun things to do after your wedding, go through all of the gorgeous gifts that you have kindly received from family and friends. If you have any duplicate items, take these out of the pile so you can decide what to do with them. If you have any receipts, you may be able to use the store credit towards something else. Rather than for example having two toasters, kettles or blenders when you’re not going to need both. Alternatively, you could sell it or donate it to charity. It can be difficult when it was something bought for you from someone special, but there’s no point keeping hold of things you’re not going to need or use.

Send Thank You Cards

Once you have organized and been through your gifts, you can then thank guests for them (as well as thank everyone for attending) with thank you cards. Etiquette suggests these should be sent out within three months of the big day ending, so don’t leave it too late. Since many guests spend a considerable amount of money and effort attending a wedding, it’s nice to acknowledge this and show your appreciation. You could go with traditional cards or send them in postcard form, as magnets, even coasters! If you like to do things a little differently, these give your guests a cute keepsake.

Store Your Dress

If you want to preserve your dress and keep it in good condition to look back on in years to come, you need to go about it in the right way. First, you will most likely need to have it professionally cleaned and pressed so search companies in your local area who offer this service. Carefully fold it without making any creased and put it in a suitable box. Don’t use plastic bags since over time different chemicals in them will break down causing an odor. Put it away in a safe place so it’s not getting knocked around or having things put on top of the box.

Preserve Your Wedding Flowers

You could have your bouquet and your groom’s buttonhole arrangement dried and put into a deep photo frame as a really sentimental decorative piece in your home. Alternatively, you could have the flowers encased in glass paperweights, like this. Such a pretty way to keep these special flowers forever!

Get Your New Surname Documentation Sorted

Finally, and possibly most importantly, get your documentation sorted. If you have taken your spouse’s surname, you will have some important paperwork to get in order. Your passport, driving license, utility bills and anything else. You might even want to change your email address if it contains your surname. Either way, it’s a good day’s worth of phone calls and forms to do so make sure you have time set aside for that.