Weddings: How to keep calm while planning your wedding

how to keep calm while planning your wedding

Planning your wedding is an exciting time, but for some it can all get a bit too much! Luckily, my wedding planning process has been a breeze so far (so far, mind) but even then I have still felt a little stressed now and then.

There are a lot of factors that could increase your stress levels while planning for your wedding, whether it’s a money issue, a disagreement over the venue or dealing with difficult family members.

If you’re feeling the wedding-planning-stress, here are my top tips for keeping calm when planning your wedding.

Ask friends and family for help

Your friends and family (and particularly the Bridal Party) are there to help you have a wonderful day. Most people would be chuffed to be asked for help, whether it is with planning the day, money, or helping with something such as the decorations. My sister is making the bunting for my wedding, so that is one thing that is out of my hands!

Use a wedding planner

The key to successful planning is writing everything down. Use a wedding planner and write down ideas, lists, and create a spreadsheet for the money side of things. I have an excel spreadsheet that I update with every cost including what it was for.

Accept that you cannot control everything

Some things – such as the weather – are out of your control, and worrying about it will only stress you out further. Your wedding day is supposed to be fun, and you will have a wonderful time no matter what happens. If something is out of your control, let it go.

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Speak to an expert

If you have a wedding co-ordinator at your venue, ask for their help! You can also ask your venue or suppliers for recommended suppliers, and they could introduce you to the perfect caterer or DJ.

If you’re not sure you have the time to plan your wedding, or you want to put the job into the hands of an expert, hire a wedding planner. Knowing that you don’t have to spend your lunch-break frantically leaving messages to your cake maker will definitely relieve some of the pressure.

Take it one day at a time

Take time to relax while planning your wedding, and remember that apart from you and your partner legally exchanging vows, nothing else really matters. Apart from the actual wedding ceremony, everything else is just extra. All that really matters is that you are getting married to your best friend.

I’m updating my wedding planning process as I go along, so be sure to check out my wedding posts for tips, ideas and DIY projects.