Laser Eye Surgery: Would You Go For It?

My eyesight isn’t great. I’m short-sighted which means I have to wear contact lenses or glasses all day, every day, if I want to be able to see further than my nose.

It drives me mad sometimes. This morning I woke up and reached immediately for my contact lenses. After putting the second one in, my eye immediately started stinging and I couldn’t open it properly. Turns out the contact lens had actually SPLIT in my eye, and I had to spend the next ten minutes poking around in there to find the pieces of contact lens. It was as horrible as you can imagine.

So, today, I’m wearing my glasses, but that also isn’t great. I feel like I constantly have to clean my glasses and I’m very aware that I’m wearing them, unlike contacts which fool me into thinking I have 20/20 vision. I started wearing glasses as a teenager, so though I’ve needed them for a while, the feeling of wearing glasses has never felt natural, and as contact lenses keep splitting in my eyes, I keep thinking about laser eye surgery.

Ever since my husband (Rob from RobWatchesMovies) had laser eye surgery, it’s been playing on my mind. He can get up and see the world through perfect vision, whereas I stumble around looking for my glasses every morning (or cause myself pain with these evil contact lenses).

Laser eye surgery has always sounded pretty terrifying to me, so when Accuvision* got in touch with me about a collaboration, I headed over to their website to find out what happens when you have the procedure.

The main thing that surprised me when researching laser eye surgery is just how many different treatments there are. Of course, this makes sense as we can have many varying eyesight issues. It’s not something you should go for without serious research first, but my husband has had absolutely no problems with his, and though it does sound a little frightening, it’s a standard procedure and a lot of people have had it done. If you’re thinking about having eye surgery but you’re not sure whether it would be right for you, there is an eligibility test that you can find here.

Would you have laser eye surgery or are you happy wearing glasses? Does the laser part put you off? I’d love to hear your thoughts!