Life: Last Minute Christmas Essentials

christmas essentials


How did that happen? Luckily I have bought all of my presents, stocked up on prescriptions and organised my Christmas plans. I’ve also been tucking into an obscene amount of chocolate and mulled wine but let’s not dwell on that.

Instead, here’s a checklist to make sure you’ve remembered all of the Christmas essentials this year.



Christmas just isn’t Christmas unless you are constantly surrounded by a never-ending supply of chocolate. We always sneak open our Christmas chocolate early (so, December 1st) and get loads more on the day as presents.

Chocolate is also a go-to present, especially if you’re buying your presents last minute this year. For some chocolate gift inspiration, Thorntons Chocolates has created an Amazingly Choctastic Christmas Gift Finder! This fun gift finder helps you find the perfect choccie treat for your loved ones (or for that tricky Secret Santa).

Simply adjust the switches, sliders and levers on the Thorntons machine to answer six Christmas themed questions about your lucky recipient. The gift finder will then recommend one of Thorntons delicious Christmas gift ideas. Will it be one of their personalised gifts, Christmas models or chocolate hampers? There’s only one way to find out…



As you know I do like the odd tipple and if there’s ever a time to drink and be merry, it’s Christmas.

Make sure you stock up on alcohol to see you through the season whether it’s beer for the lads, wine for your mum or a bottle of cherry to keep Granny happy for the afternoon. I imagine when I am a Granny I will be the type to get drunk on cherry at 3pm and say mad things. I’m almost there now.


Some Sparkly High Heels

Christmas is party season, and the perfect excuse to wear sparkly high heels. I love these ones from Debenhams. Also, I don’t know about you, but my feet are ACHING by the end of a night partying in heels, so I also make sure to get a pair of high hell insoles. I like these Nine to Five Heels Insoles*, which are made from gel and help to make killer shoes feel heavenly to wear!

These insoles work to redistribute your centre of mass away from the ball of the foot and enhance comfort by ensuring that some of the weight is pulled towards the back of the heel, to allow a more even distribution of body weight. Because the metatarsal head area is protected by diminishing load, forefoot discomfort, such as the dreaded burning feeling in the ball of the foot, is reduced, and it’s possible to enjoy wearing high heels all day without any discomfort.

nine to five heels insoles

I have weird feet, they’re really wide and so I have a lot of problematic pains while wearing heels. Insoles are my savior when wearing trainers, and high hell insoles really help me too. They’re comfortable, washable and they smell like mint! They come in black, hot pink or clear and you can buy a pair here. Nice bit of rhyming there.

christmas games


My family plays a lot of games at Christmas. We’ve always had a geeky thing for board games and as we don’t get to meet up too often, Christmas is the perfect time to indulge in some good old sibling rivalry. Gone are the days where my sister and I bullied our little sister in the name of games; now she is seen as more of an equal and is allowed to join in – most of the time 😉

If you have a lot of family coming over, games can be a fun way of organising the chaos! My favourites are quizzes, Cranium and Articulate.

Also good: Scrabble, karaoke and party games such as ‘Who Am I’. Kids will probably be impressed with a PlayStation too.

Ok, so, SURE, these aren’t technically essentials. I mean, you need food and everything, but that’s what mum’s are for right? Have a great Christmas!