Last Minute Wedding Details You May Have Skipped

Planning a wedding is all about the detail. Whether it’s the table decorations during your dinner or personalised vows to make your day that much more special, it’s the small details that can make or break your day, and that’s why it can be easy to miss something. A wedding plan is difficult to follow and usually seems like a mix of various small ideas that may or may not follow a coherent theme, but the general idea is that you should try and include as much as possible so that you can later cut down if something doesn’t fit your budget or motif. So to give you a hand, here are a couple of wedding plan additions that you probably neglected to include in your initial draft.

Venue Signage

Wedding venues can be big and confusing which is why it’s important that you further customise the experience by introducing additional signs. Not every venue uses the same areas for the same purposes, so it’s important that you work together with a signage service and the venue manager to work out where to point your guests. Even if the venue already has signs, there’s nothing wrong with making your own especially if your wedding follows a particular theme that you want to stick to.

Something to Remember

Although it’s common to present gifts to the couple to be wed, it doesn’t mean you can’t offer your guests some presents as well. Be it something simple such as a plush toy, some fancy chocolates or even some memorable photographs, make sure you leave your guests with something to remember when they depart. For instance, a photobooth hire for a wedding is a fantastic source of entertainment for your guests. They can take pictures together in family groups, with new friends they’ve made, or long-lost friends that they haven’t spoken to for a long time.

Dietary Needs

Not everyone that you invite will eat the same things. In fact, it’s rare for a wedding venue to not have to worry about the dietary needs of the guests or even children’s meals. Make sure the venue knows who will deviate from the main menu and how many kids there are. The last thing you want is for a guest to feel alienated or left without food to eat because you neglected to tell the kitchen staff about their needs.


If a wedding wasn’t memorable enough, then you’ll have your guestbook to look back on. Make sure it’s a lovely high-quality notebook that’s large enough to fit several people writing or drawing on it at the same time. Leave some instant cameras near the guestbook so that your attendees can take pictures of themselves and attach it to their signature or message, and give them a variety of different coloured pens and pencils so they can get creative with their messages. Just remember to leave it in an open location that’s easy to spot and make it available all throughout the day so that your guests can choose when to sign it.