Laying The Foundations for a Great Wedding

how to plan a wedding

They say it’s the biggest day of your life. The one where all of your dreams come true. Your closest friends and family gather around to help you celebrate the love you hold for your partner and them for you.

So where do you start with the planning? What comes first? The venue or the menu? Let’s get stuck into the most exciting (and stressful) day of your life!

First things first

As soon as the ring is on your finger, you need to think about a date. Do you want a summer wedding? Outside filled with flowers, you barefoot on a lawn with a crown of flowers maybe? Or a winter wedding, where there might be snow, it’s cold, and your banquet suite has a roaring fire. The date will make a difference.

Know your financial limits

You can still have something personal and romantic even if you are on a very tight budget. But you need to be strict with yourself. What can you reasonably afford to spend without ending up in debt? Many couples spend years paying off their weddings – but that doesn’t have to be you. If you are lucky, you may have parents who offer to carry the costs. If that is the case, then ask early in the process what is available (and in some cases, what are the strings.) Set up a wedding fund and spend and save directly from it. Keep track of expenses as you go.

Who do you want there?

You might well want to invite your long lost Aunt Mabel from Timbuktu, but unless you have a pretty extensive budget, and they have the cash to travel you might need to be fair selective. Ruthlessness will pay off here, by choosing only people you spend time with, and see often is better than inviting everyone in the family because you feel you should. There will no doubt be a little bit of pressure to ask certain people, but the truth is, it is your day, and your happiness comes first.

The Venue

Once you know how big your party is likely to be, you will have more of an idea of how big your venue should be. The venue is expected to be one of the most significant costs for you so try and book as early as possible. Think about what you want to get out of the venue too. Do you want a refurbished bar? What about a grand hall? Or do you have images of a castle on a hill? You will also have to consider if your venue will cater your event or how convenient it would be to have caterers come on site.

Your suppliers will matter

You’ll need to book them early, and very clear with your specifications. Most venues have a very helpful list of recommendations that you might choose to work with. However, it is worthwhile to head out to check some wedding fares. You’ll need to book the following:

  • Photographer
  • Florist
  • Cake Company
  • Food – caterers or food trucks?
  • Entertainment like – singers, DJs, and My Fun Photo Booth
  • Stationery

There might be a few more depending on the style of wedding you’re having.

Outfit shopping

You might have your heart set on a particular dress or a suit – you have to take into account the season you are getting married and where. If you don’t mind a muddy hem, then there are fewer limits. It is worth remembering a style you see one month might be gone the next. Wedding fashion moves quickly so putting that dress deposit down should be taken care of asap.

Book your honeymoon

Before you know it your wedding day will be a week away and you’ll be looking forward to some sunkissed sands and time away after it all – if you have booked it in plenty of time. Your honeymoon costs should have been factored into the overall price of the wedding. Many couples choose to have a mini-moon and save on costs, then book a more significant holiday at another time.

Hopefully, these points have helped give you some indication of what you’ll need to think about.