The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Sending Your Wishes

When it comes to sending cards to your loved ones, it can be hard to get the job done. With the busy nature of our lives and the amount of special days that have to be remembered, it can be hard to remember to get a card and swing by the post box. Of course, this probably gets even worse when Christmas rolls around, and you have to send out dozens of cards, or risk upsetting your Auntie Jean… Though this problem can’t be solved entirely, it can certainly be helped. 

So, what if you never had to touch another greeting card again? What if instead, you can have a company do all of the leg work for you? And, best of all, it may even cost you less to get the mail sent out (stamps are hella expensive, ammiright?!). These services have emerged over the last few years, offering fast delivery times and accurate delivery windows. These companies will even let you choose the specific day that a card is delivered. All you need is a hybrid mail service.

It all starts with the design of a card. Most of these services will have their own templates, which can be modified to suit your purpose. Or, if you’re more adventurous, you can design the card yourself. This gives you the chance to send very personal cards, without having to do much work at all. Designing a card yourself means that you can make it incredibly relevant to the person who gets it, and they’ll love receiving something made just for them. I like to add a personal touch with a private joke or a photo of us from one of our best memories. 

Once you’ve designed a card, you just have to fill it in. If you’re sending loads of cards, you may need to write them all out separately. But, most people find typing to be much faster than writing by hand. So, for most, this shouldn’t be a problem at all. Most of these services will allow you a very generous word limit, giving you the chance to say everything that you need to. With some services, you may even be able to customise the details on both sides of the card.

Once your cards are ready to be sent, you just need to make a single click. This is probably the best part of these services. You never have to make any contact with the card. It gets printed and goes directly to the person receiving it. This makes it much faster and easier to get cards out. One of the longest parts of a process like this is addressing, stamping, and sending the cards. But, now you don’t have to do it, huzzah!

Hopefully, this will inspire you to get on top of your cards once and for all. With a tool like this, all you need to do is remember people’s birthdays. But, with modern tech, this shouldn’t be a problem at all. Just have your social media warn you about special days in advance and you’re sorted. You got this!

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