Let Them Eat Cake: A Taste Of Wedding Cake Trends


One of the symbolic traditions of a wedding is, of course, the cake. Custom has it that wedding cakes are there to bring good luck to both the guests and the happy couple. The wedding cake is steeped in history. Medieval England brought tall tiered cakes that the bride and groom had a kiss over. This was believed to bring good fortune to the marriage. In Ancient Rome bread was broken over the bride’s head to bring luck to the marriage. Fruit cakes have long been a tradition at weddings to bring fertility and prosperity to the marriage. And way back in the 17th century both the bride and groom would have their own separate cakes. Symbolism has always been rife in wedding cakes. But in this modern age, we have just one cake, and we usually want it to be a masterpiece design that looks extravagant and tastes delicious. So in honour of the cake, let’s look at the some of the different styles you can choose for your wedding.


A traditional, classic cake would certainly have a fruit cake tier at the top. It’s customary to save a slice of fruit cake for the christening of your first child. A traditional cake would be a bespoke commissioned cake that features three or more tiers finished in white or ivory icing. If you go down the route of a classic wedding, the cutting of the cake will also be a big part of your reception. In modern times, a traditional cake is likely to have both a fruit cake tier and also a sponge, chocolate or lemon drizzle layer too. These different layers accommodate all the guest’s tastes. Timeless wedding cakes are likely to also feature ornate handcrafted sugar flowers in the shape of roses, orchids and stephanotis.

Naked Cake

Sounds naughty, but it looks pretty magnificent. The trend for naked wedding cakes has soared in the last year or so. The bare cake trend basically means that your cake isn’t covered in icing and buttercream ruffles but is full on nude. It can still be decorated with exquisite natural flowers in pops of lovely colours and it means you get to show off all the delicious fillings inside. Take a peek here for some beautiful naked cake inspiration. A naked cake is romantic, whimsical and totally ‘show off!’

Cheese Cake

The wedding cheese cake is certainly making it’s scrumptious mark on thoroughly modern weddings. For those that prefer something savoury to sweet, it’s a perfect choice. And it looks pretty spectacular too. A wedding cheese cake is a stupendously designed tiered cake made entirely of cheese. You can choose everything from layers of brie to organic cheddar and naturally crusted Stilton to delicious goats cheese. It’s perfect for rustic country weddings and those that want their wedding cake to be the focal point of an after-dinner cheese platter. It’s pretty cool too! 

Individual Treats

Sweet individual cakes, mousses and cupcakes have been a trend at weddings for the last few years. These bite-size treats are perfect for handing out as individual portions to each of your guests. And they can be laid out in a way that creates a visually stunning display. With cupcakes or individual mini cakes, you can still choose to have a round or square cake to cut too. The bonus of choosing individual treats is that you can play with a few flavours, from red velvet to salted caramel and carrot cake to regular sponge.