Life: Ideas For Throwing A Big Birthday

Birthdays come around once a year and mean parties, presents and good times for the majority of us. You look amazing, you feel amazing, and there’s plenty of cake to scoff down. On the other hand, sometimes birthdays can be a little bit of a downer, and we don’t feel too great about becoming another year older, or spending the day focusing on ourselves. 

I think it’s important to celebrate our birthdays and our lives, so if you’re not usually a birthday fan then maybe it’s time to shake things up a little. Here’s a couple of ideas for birthday activities that can ramp up some of the birthday fun.

Try Holding Your Birthday Bash In A New Venue

Having a birthday at home is fun; holding it at a restaurant or even in a club can be a lot more fun. Yet switching the idea up, and having a nice formal event to really hammer home how special a birthday is is a great option – celebrate your day in style!

Even with a picturesque setting and some suits and dresses, a birthday can still make you feel like loosening up. If this idea interests you, you can check out some examples from events supplied by Barlens to scout out inspiration and marquee/tent hiring ideas. You can have cake tasting parties inside these big tents, and bask in that GBBO feel. It also means you can make plenty of noise away from your neighbours.

So many different venues can cater to you for some birthday goodness. For example, you could also have a dancing class for all the guests, and put on your own routines at the end to show off what you’ve learnt. It’s a great laugh, and makes sure you spend a lot of time with the people that really matter to you on your birthday.

Throw Together A Hamper

No, they’re not just to be won at raffles or to give to your grandmother for Christmas. Gift baskets are used in business marketing and for honoured guests at certain functions, so using that idea in your own personal celebrations is glamorous and special.

Hampers aren’t expensive either. If you know what a person likes, you can cram them with whatever they like instead of just filler items. Depending on the person you’re catering for, hamper can have themes to them. There can be a nerdy theme, with comics, action figures and posters, or a beauty theme with some samples of new products and nice smelling fragrances.

You can also cram a hamper with items a person is going to need for an upcoming event. If they’re off travelling, you can pack it with essentials. If someone is expecting a baby, make their whole week by including nappy packs and cleaning materials, alongside some cream that helps any sores!

Try out a few of these ideas for your next birthday celebrations! They can be cheap, expensive, private or public, and they can be as big or small as you want. You have so much creative freedom to work with when it comes to celebrations, so use up your best ideas and go wild.

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