Life: The Perfect Girls’ Night: The Essential Activity List


Stuck for what to do on your next girls’ night? You’re not alone. Here are some amazing ways to spend your time.

Throw A Sleepover, DVDs And All

There’s nothing like an old-school sleepover to make the night a lot more exciting. Just think about the fun you could have, indulging in some of your favorite retro activities. Get a full box set of the O.C. and work your way through it. Buy a bunch of magazines, make popcorn, get creative with the waffle machine. The possibilities are endless. Sleepovers are an excuse to do what you want, so use them.

Pig Out At A New Joint

There’s nothing like going to a new spot and trying the food. Don’t be boring though and go for the Caesar salad or a pizza. Get everybody at the table to choose another person’s meal from the menu. Make sure that you order the wackiest things on the menu. And don’t forget to be a little indulgent: it’s ladies’ night after all.

Make Memories

Don’t just rely on your smartphone to take pictures of your night with the ladies. They’ll only come out badly when they’re posted on Facebook. Instead, find somewhere in your city, like Booth Boy Photo Booth, and get your photo done professionally. Photo booths control the light and the background so you can remember your nights out in style.

Challenge Your Friends To A Wii Dance-Off

There’s a good chance that either you or one of your friends has a Wii. Don’t let it sit there gathering dust: use it to make your evening more fun. Whip it out and challenge your friends to see who can do the best booty shake. Don’t let Beyonce grab all the limelight.

Do A Pinterest DIY Marathon

Have you ever stood back in awe at the level of productivity of people on Pinterest? How do they manage to come up with so many DIY projects? Anyway, these craft ideas can be a source of inspiration for you and your girlfriends. Pick a few crafts that you like and then get the girls over to help you make them. You could make coasters or cakes, or decorations for your party.

Combine Netflix With Jason Statham (other hot men are available)

Jason Statham has been in a few films. And in most of them, he ends up battling for his life without his top on. All good stuff. So why not combine our friend Jason with a night around the small screen with the girls. Services, like Netflix, make doing this super easy.

Check Out YouTube Makeup Tutorials, Then Hit The Town

YouTube is a makeup goldmine, so long as you know where to look. Why not grab a few ideas from many of the makeup vloggers out there and try something different. What about giving Megan Fox’s smokey eyes a try and start turning heads?

Use Groupon

Go on Groupon and look for an activity that’s cheap and that you haven’t done before. Get your girls together for something weird, like a pottery class, or skydiving.

Let me know what would make your perfect girls’ night!