Little Things That Can Have Massive Impact On Your Wedding


It’s funny, but now that we have got married I appreciate how those little touches can have a massive impact on your day. It’s all about making sure you are comfortable, and that the others involved in the wedding feel loved and appreciated. Check out my suggestions of some of the smaller things to pay attention to below.

Song choices

Getting the right music for your wedding can seem pretty far down on your list of priorities, but it can make a massive difference. Music sets the tone of what’s happening and can help both you and your guest get into the right mood for the day.

Pick something that is meaningful to walk down the aisle as a couple to. This will make sure you enjoy the moment as much as possible.

For the reception make sure you speak to your Wedding DJs before hand and have a list made up of all your favourite tunes. Makes sure there is a bit of cheesy music too as that does get people up out of their seats and dancing in the evening!


Again, favours can seem like such a small thing compared to the main meal and all the others things that need to be organised. But from a guest’s perspective they can make all the difference. An unusual wedding favour is a great talking point for people on a table where they don’t know anyone.

Some particularly nice ones are these biscuits, a pack of seeds to plant or an activity pack for the younger guests so they don’t get bored.


Now, shoes are of course, essential to any bride. You have probably spent a long time looking on Pinterest and in other corners of the internet for just the right pair. But It’s also really crucial to make sure that they fit well and are comfortable. Remember for the bride it’s goings to be a long day. Even if it seems to fly by, your poor feet are likely to start complaining by then end of the day.

That’s why it’s a brilliant idea to get a second pair of shoes to change into that you know you will be able to dance in. Try some flat ballet pumps in your wedding colours or your favourite pair of Converse! 


Being the ones that are getting married means that there is a lot of focus on you. People are there to celebrate your union and shower you with gifts for your new life together. However, it is also traditional to present gifts to the others that are significant in the wedding party. It’s a nice way of saying thank you for all your help and support.

A good bridesmaids gift is a piece of jewellery that they can wear on they day and have a keepsake afterwards. Bouquets are the traditional gift for the mother of the bride and groom. Although I also think that an ornate jewellery box is a nice touch as they will remember the day whenever they use it. Cuff links, watches and tankards are all great presents for the guys involved in the wedding too.