All These Little Things: Details That Make A Wedding Day Perfect

A lot of the most perfect parts of a wedding day are in the details. We’ve all noticed that at other people’s weddings – the perfect favours, the gorgeous table displays, and the effortless chic everywhere. When you start to plan your own wedding, however, you’ll probably realise that that effortless chic? Not so effortless after all. Here are a few details that you could add to your wedding to make it a perfect – and individual – day…

Personalise Your Vows

First of all, remember that you don’t have to stick to the traditional wedding vows. If you and your partner aren’t the most traditional of people then why not change them a little? Make a joke, tell your guests a few of the many reasons that you love your partner, tell them about how kind they are and how much they make you laugh. Even if you feel a little nervous about doing so, let’s face it: it’ll be a more more interesting service than the usual! You could also change the music that you walk up the aisle to – not everyone is a Here Comes The Bride kind of person.

Add Your Interests

There are a few things that you should keep traditional at your big day – the wedding rings, for starters – but other than that, you have free reign to make your day exactly what you want. Consider what you and your partner love, and run with that. If you’re big Harry Potter fans, you could name the tables after the Hogwarts houses, and name your cocktails after the potions that appear in the books. If you both love watching movies and TV together then you could add photographs of your favourite screen couples to the walls to show what you aspire to be like.

Don’t Hire A DJ

If you don’t love traditional wedding music, then you don’t need to have it. Instead of hiring a DJ who might just play a whole load of sappy songs that you don’t actually like all that much, why not sit down with your partner and go through your iTunes collections to figure out your own playlist? Keep his metal out of it, and don’t let any of your old Backstreet Boys favourites sneak onto the list – make sure the songs are good to dance to and that there are songs everyone will enjoy – you want a little Elvis for your great aunts, and some pop punk for your university friends to jump around to. Find a happy medium.

Add A Photo Booth

Instead of a traditional guest book, why not go with a photo booth? Your friends and guests can go in to take photos of themselves with a few funny props – try some excellent wigs and hats and fake moustaches – before sticking the pictures into your guest book with a loving message. Being able to see photographs of who was at your wedding aside from blurry candids posted on Facebook and the more traditional posed pictures taken by your photographer will be a real joy to look back on.