The Local Traveller: Little Ideas That Make A Trip To London Special

London attracts millions of tourists every year, and it’s no wonder why: There is something to marvel about in almost every street, from famous shopping area to historic monuments. But for the British-born travellers, London can rapidly become a little dull, once you’re past the excitement of discovering Westminster Abbey for the first time. There may be a lot to do in London, but there doesn’t seem that much in town is made for the local tourists, for those who know the place and can’t bear the idea of queueing half a day for a tour in the Dungeons or inside the Tower. So, if you are looking for alternatives routes to fall back in love with London again without fighting your way through a crowd of tourists, here are a few ideas to consider.

Getting Comfortably Local

It’s hard in London to avoid the tourist traps when you are choosing an accomodation: Between the inexpensive B&B that offer less than the minimum for travellers who prefer a frugal stay, and the end-of-the-scale hotels that cost an arm a day, the choice can be a little tricky. This is why you should have a look for independent boutique hotels that combine charm and luxury with ease. The Windmill on the Common is one of those boutique hotels. Situated on Clapham Common, the hotel appears at first surprisingly quiet but rapidly feels very homely, especially with the local pub and beer garden underneath. Little details, such as the decorative taste and exquisite accessories in the room will truly make you feel more like a guest and a lot less like another tourist in London. If this is the feeling you are after, do look into boutique hotels for your next stay.

Take A New Challenge

If you are staying in London in July, you might want to see the finale of the Tour de France in Paris, assuming you enjoy the idea of a bike ride. Global Adventure offers bike rides from London to Paris for the Tour de France and throughout the warm season until September. You will need to be a cycling enthusiast though, as the ride will take 4 days to cover 308 miles from a capital to another. The route will take you from London to Dover and then from Calais to Paris through traditional market towns and green hills. The Eiffel Tower marks the finish line of this challenge. So if you don’t know how to kill time in London, have a look for this sporty opportunity.

Find Alternatives For A Lost Wine Favourite

If you are a wine lover, you would have probably already tried the Vinopolis experience, Unfortunately, Vinopolis officially stopped its activity in 2015. But don’t worry, as London has still a bright wine tasting scene for the local tourists who know where to look. The latest trend is a Medieval Wine Tour that is led by the historian Dr Matthew Green and that is designed to take visitors through a tour of the hidden City taverns through 14th Century London. This tour, that has been acclaimed by the Londonist, the Guardian and the BBC, might well be the new way to act local when visiting London.