Love Don’t Cost A Thing: Planning Your Big Day On A Budget

No doubt your wedding will be the best day of your life but it could also shape up to be probably the most expensive as well. These days an average wedding costs around $22,000, but many couples choose to spend much more and also a lot less on getting married. If you’re looking to save money for a house, car or just cash towards a fantastic honeymoon there are plenty of ways to still have a gorgeous, yet entirely budget friendly wedding!

Grab Your Guests

A good rule of thumb when it comes to weddings is to expect ten, to fifteen percent of guests to decline be it through illness, vacation, can’t get time off or simply don’t feel like attending. However, that’s not to say you can under plan as many couples are often surprised who does, and doesn’t choose to come. Occasionally people have experienced all their invited guests sending back ‘yes’ RSVP’s, then flat out panicking when they realize that they’ll be short on food. It’s entirely up to you how many guests you invite, but the more you do, the bigger your wedding venue, cake, tables, and transport costs will be. Don’t invite people for the sake of it if they don’t know that you’re getting married, or haven’t seen your beautiful ring, like these from custom engagement rings at Simon West then don’t feel like you’re obligated to include them. After all, it’s your wedding and you should be the one’s to decide who comes.

DIY Your Catering

If you and your future husband are foodies, work in the catering or hospitality industry or have friends that do then you’re in luck. Wedding menus are often filled with expensive ingredients presented as nouvelle cuisine, i.e. small dishes that include lots of side bowls and menu customization options that you can guarantee will cost extra. Let family members know that you’re doing a DIY wedding and they may offer you catering as a wedding present. If you and your family aren’t big on cooking then why not speak to your favorite local restaurant? Regular patrons often get a discount and if it’s a family run business they’ll be more likely to want to help celebrate your big day.

Forget About Loads Of Flowers

While endless trailing garlands, colorful bouquets, and tabletop greenery looks gorgeous, flowers are often very expensive and tend to fade rather quickly. Visit a few local florists to get an idea of what they’d charge, depending on where you live and your requirements this will vary hugely, and then decide if there’s room in the budget for dozens of roses, carnations, and orchids. Don’t forget if you’re getting married in a church you may not be able to take those flowers with you to the reception venue. Many venues prefer to work with vendors that they’ve  used previously so you may need to choose from a pre-approved list. Keep costs down by having simple, yet elegant small bouquets as well as choosing blooms that are in season. If you want flowers, but the budget won’t quite stretch then why not buy fake ones? Very few people will notice they aren’t real!