From Merlin Enthusiast To Urban Fashionista – Find The Right Holiday For Your Interests

Sophisticated wine drinkers vs. popular beer lovers, night owl vs. early riser, urban vs. countryside, everyone is different. And it doesn’t come as a surprise that different people will enjoy different types of holiday. But it isn’t always easy to know what type of holidays is right for you. So here’s a little overview of the most common profiles among holiday makers. Hopefully, you’ll soon know what is right for you!

The Urban Socialite Who Needs To Belong To A Town

There are people who are naturally city-savvy. They know how to navigate their way into town, and they even know by heart the tube map for London! Most urban socialites tend to enjoy similar features in a town: The networking possibilities, the beautiful architecture, and the hidden gems, such as an unknown room in a museum or an independent coffee small in a small passage. There’s a natural sense of city knowledge that doesn’t seem to demand a lot of effort to acquire. Urban socialites just know where to find the most surprising things in a town. Their conception of a perfect Sunday morning is to walk into a forgotten book shop and discover the first print of their favourite book. If you recognise this delicate mixture of intellectual culture and urban know-how, you would probably be interested in finding out about the best city breaks for 2017. Your natural sense of urban life will help you to rapidly feel at home in another town, and to find the way to the most curious shops and monuments that are hidden within its walls.

The History Lover Who Misses The Mystical Magic Of Merlin

If you still dream from time to time of a world of magic, and you hope to find in the monuments of the past a sign that not everything in Merlin has been invented. For those who have a keen interest in history, there are sites, such as megalith stone structures, that remain an intellectual curiosity. You could walk through the steps of the druids of the past and bring back some of the magic of Merlin to your memory when you visit such sites, such as Stonehenge. Make sure to rely on the advice of to pick the best visiting tour for your interests. Sometimes only fiction can give a meaning to the mysteries of the past!

The Romantic Nature Lover Who Always Packs Hiking Boots

The romantic nature lover is an interesting character, as this is someone who is both an avid reader and a nature enthusiast. In large towns, this is generally the person who read a book in the local coffee shop and tries to walk everywhere. This person can generally name a bird just by hearing its song. Romantic nature lovers love peaceful settings above all, and love to surround themselves with plants, even if they only live in a small flat. If this love of the nature sounds familiar, you would have guessed it already: Holidays in the nature are best suited for you. You would especially appreciate the stunning beauty of the Lake District, for example, or of the Highlands. Take a look at to find the perfect roof for you to spend your nights dreaming after a long walk outside.