Review: Miller & Carter Steakhouse, Doncaster

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to try out the new restaurant in Bessacarr, Doncaster: The Miller & Carter Steakhouse. I chose to visit on a Friday evening so I could get a real feel for how the place works on a busy night, so as soon as I had a free weekend I took my husband to sample some delicious steak right here in our hometown.

On arrival, I was impressed by how nice it looked on the outside. The building was a pub & restaurant beforehand, but it’s clearly had a total refurbishment and looks brand new.

When we arrived, the first thing I realised was how busy it was. Bear in mind this was  Friday night, but it was a good indication that we were in for a good night. I would recommend booking a table over the weekend to avoid disappointment, but there is a bar area at the entrance if you fancy a drink beforehand.

We were greeted and seated immediately, and a lovely girl (I actually feel quite bad but I can’t remember her name!) introduced herself as our waitress for the night, leaving us to look over the menus. The service was excellent throughout the night, our orders were taken and delivered quickly, and the waitress was very chatty and lovely. Some people might be a little put off by just how chatty the waiters are here but I’d much rather speak to someone who seems happy to be there so it worked for me.

I ordered a couple of (very excellent) cocktails and of course as Miller & Carter Doncaster is a proud steakhouse, I had to order a steak. There’s a wide variety, but I went for an 8oz fillet steak, cooked rare. If you aren’t sure how you like your steak cooked, or if you want to try something new, the menu has suggestions for how to have each steak cooked. Your server will also be able to give you information; the staff have clearly been trained and are happy to help you make your choice. I went for rare as it is my favourite way to eat steak, but I noticed that this was also how they suggested it would taste the best (see image above) so I was certain I had made the right choice!

All steaks come with extras including fries, a lettuce bowl with dressing of your choice, and a steak sauce. I chose sweet potato fries, a bacon & honey dressing to go with my lettuce, and a blue cheese & truffle oil steak sauce.

I have to admit I was a little surprised to receive a bowl of lettuce as a precursor to the main event, but perhaps this is a lighter version of bread for the table? Regardless, the sauce was very tasty, but I didn’t eat much of this, not when I saw what was coming!

The main meal was absolutely heavenly, I was 100% impressed and satisfied with everything on my plate. My steak was cooked to perfection and the sweet potato fries were possibly the best I’ve ever had. That great big lump on the right hand of the plate? That’s an onion loaf; similar to onion rings but much tastier and (thankfully) less greasy.

Even though we were pretty full after the meal, we decided to take a look at the dessert menu (all for you guys, obviously). Our waitress raved about the company’s signature dessert, Miller’s Chocolate Orange, so, won over, we ordered it, and OH MY GOD JUST LOOK AT IT. The blogger in me was delighted at how Instagram-worthy it was.

I’ve actually told at least twenty people about this dessert and I’m not even much of a ‘dessert person’, it’s just that good. Taken from the menu, this wonder is ‘a shimmering golden globe made from rich chocolate ganache with an orange toffee centre. Served with almond & hazelnut nougatine, peanut butter crumb, zesty orange curd and a refreshing orange sorbet’.

Overall, I really enjoyed my visit to Miller & Carter Doncaster and if you’re in the area I highly recommend you go visit immediately, even if it’s just to try the Chocolate Orange dessert. Enjoy!

Miller & Carter Steakhouse is on Bawtry Road, Bessacarr, Doncaster. You can find out more here.