The Monthly Edit: Round Up of Life and Things I’ve Been Loving 1

Welcome to The Monthly Edit! When I first started A Literary Cocktail I had a weekly series called The Friday Five in which I discussed five things I’d been loving that week. I’m not really sure why I stopped – I guess life got in the way and keeping up with a weekly round-up became too much.

I’ve missed writing these more personal posts, though, so I thought I’d re-introduce The Friday Five as a brand new series, The Monthly Edit – a monthly round up of what’s going on in my life, what I’ve been loving and a lovely selection of links for your browsing delight. I hope you enjoy these posts and find some gems every month.

Life Update

I’ve been keeping a bit of a low profile the past few months; I’ve not really been that active on social media, I’ve mainly been blogging to work on sponsored posts (I know, I know) and I’ve not been to any blogging events. Why? I’m not quite sure. In July 2017 I left my job working at a well-known bookshop chain to work full-time as a copywriter and blogger. I really wasn’t enjoying my job, mainly because working in retail in another city meant I had no social life, and my days were spent either in the shop or on the train: not ideal for your mental health.

So, after being offered some long-term copywriting work, I decided to take the plunge and I quit my job. I set myself up as self employed and I began working full-time on creating content for companies and this blog. Amazingly, it went well and for months I had a steady stream of work. It was great – especially over the summer months when I would set my laptop up in the garden and work all day in the beautiful sunshine!

My long-term plan though, was something I’d only spoken about to a few people. Ever since my husband began working as a teaching assistant at a secondary school, I had been thinking about my childhood dream of becoming a primary teacher. I started volunteering at a local primary school to gain work experience and earlier this year I landed my first paid job in a school as a learning support assistant. I couldn’t be happier to be working in a primary school and I am excited to be on my journey – I won’t be applying for teacher training this year but I am intending to the next. So, though I enjoyed working full time in the world of freelancing, I’m not sorry to say goodbye. I’m still keeping my business open – but I won’t need to rely on it as my main source of income and this also means I can go back to writing about what I want to write about, rather than what I can get paid for. I know this is quite controversial in the blogging world, but I’d rather be honest – if you’re main income comes from your blog, you have to work on a lot of sponsored content, which has helped me with my overall goal. I didn’t mean for this update to be so long but here we are. Now, onto the good stuff!


When it’s cold all I want to do is stay in with a blanket, a glass of wine and the cat. So, suffice to say, I’ve been spending a lot of time watching TV. Here are the best things I’ve seen this month:

  • The Detectorists – take a look at this review
  • How To Get Away With Murder – the third season is on Netflix so I binged it then found the fourth season online. I forgot how much I love this show!
  • Six Wives With Lucy Worsely – my new obsession is watching history programmes and anything by Lucy Worsely is a hit with me.
  • Friends – like the rest of the UK, I’ve had Friends on in the background while I work, though I’ve stopped at season 5 as I’ve got bored – just kinda goes downhill from there doesn’t it? Also, for all the people hating on Ross, I actually like him more this time round. I think he seems like the most realistic character out of the group, flaws and all.


  • A Very Fatal Murder – if you like your true crime podcasts, then this spoof from The Onion is for you. Made me chuckle to myself in public numerous times.
  • Sword & Scale – because I very much do like true crime podcasts, and this is the darkest, most disturbing one I’ve come across yet.
  • Welcome To Night Vale – weird, funny and very Twin-Peaks-esque.
  • You Must Remember This – a really well researched podcast about the secret side of golden era Hollywood. I’ve been listening to the Marilyn Monroe and Charles Manson episodes.


  • I visited Amsterdam last year but didn’t blog about it. Take a look at the brilliant Inside Laura’s Head for a post on where and what to eat in the city.
  • If I’ve inspired you to go freelance, or you want to find out how to earn money through blogging, The Bloglancer has an incredible amount of tips and information.
  • Pinkiebag reviews different types of tea!!
  • Finally, some pretty bralettes for those of us with fuller busts.
  • How to slow things down – the old fashioned way.

That’s all for now, see you next month!