My Wedding Wishlist – Engagement & Planning

Some of you may know that I am getting married next year, so expect to see a lot of these posts as I add to an ever growing list of things I want!

Now that the wedding planning has officially started, I have begun the process of scouring every online shop available in search of cute wedding gifts and accessories that are perfect for a bride-to-be! Here are some of my favourites.



  1. Paperchase Wedding Planner File. Every new bride-to-be needs a wedding planner! This one is really cute and is full of helpful tips.

2. Personalised engagement cushionPersonalised gifts are great for newly-engaged couples and this cushion is so cute!

  1. Vintage tea cups. For vintage wedding inspiration, and well because.. vintage tea cups, right?
  2. Personalised tote bag. Possibly the most adorable bag I have ever seen. Would I wear this? Maybe I would.
  3. Willy Straws. We deserve willy straws.
  4. Personalised PJ setIs it tacky? Maybe. Do I want a pair? Definitely.

Would you buy any of these for yourself or a bride-to-be?