What One Thing Do Brides Wish They Had Done Differently?

Planning a wedding is like trying to mind read. That’s a difficult enough task in and of itself, but the person you’re trying to mind read is… you. It’s the you of the future; the you who will stand in the big white dress on the day you say your vows. But it’s also the you of five, ten, fifteen years time, who will look back on their wedding day. You want to make sure all the decisions you make are going to make you happy now and in the future.

It’s tough.

In an effort to try and make it simpler, let’s collect together some of the most common things that now-married brides wish they had done differently. They might even surprise you.

“I Wish I’d Focused On The Meaning More.”

For some brides, the stress of planning a wedding and trying to keep everyone happy divorces them from the reality of the day. If you get lost in planning, preparation, and panic from the moment of your engagement then it can be tough to remember why you’re going through this. Try and keep the simple essence of the wedding itself as the primary focus: you and the love of your life exchanging vows that will bind you together for eternity.

“I Wish I’d Thought More About The Reception.”

Many brides have a tendency to think the reception will, in large part, take care of itself. You plan the meal and something to help towards a party, but with so many other areas demanding attention, the rest can be skimmed over. Bear in mind that guests might be liable to become bored – especially if they’re not the “throw shapes on the dancefloor” type – so a few quieter options for entertainment might be beneficial. You could have a trivia quiz about the couple, for example, or even just old fashioned games like charades can be surprisingly popular.

“I Wish We’d Made The Venue More Our Own.”

When you’re sourcing wedding venues, couples tend to focus on what’s already there. Often, what’s there is stunning and majestic – but it can feel impersonal. Try and add things to the venue – such as flowers, wall art, or even bringing in your own seating – that gives things a personal twist. You want your venue to be good, but you also want it reflect who you are as a couple.

“I Wish We’d Had More Time Together.”

The oddity of the modern wedding tends to mean that the bride and groom spend much of it separated. You don’t see one another before the wedding, of course, and then for the reception you are often catching up with old friends as two individuals. It’s nice to try and build a little bit of time into your day to just be together and absorb what you have done; half an hour or so between the ceremony and the reception should suffice. The day is, ultimately, about you, so don’t forget that in the excitement to celebrate with guests! And don’t worry about being rude – everyone will understand.