Planning To Propose Abroad? Read This First!


So you’ve made the decision to propose to the love of your life during a romantic holiday abroad. While you might think that making this decision is the hardest part, you are very much mistaken. Proposing in a foreign country comes with unique challenges and obstacles you might not face if you were at home. From choosing the location to getting time off, there are multiple things you need to prepare for. But while it can be difficult, it’s not impossible. With foresight and meticulous planning, it can be the momentous occasion you’ve always dreamed of. So to help you get started, read through these proposal planning tips.

Research destination ideas

For you to choose the most perfect destination and proposal location possible, you need to do a wealth of research. Think about holiday destinations that hold significant meaning to both you and your partner. Or consider proposing somewhere where you have both wanted to visit. There is no right or wrong destination to choose as this is a personal decision. Once you have decided on some potential options, research potential proposal locations. You can find out when the best time for the Northern Lights is so you can propose under the Aurora Borealis. Or look into hiring a self-drive boat and proposing on a secluded island.

You should also read reviews for attractions and accommodation within your possible destination. That way you won’t face any nasty surprises when you arrive. Why not also get inspired by other couples proposals by watching Youtube videos or reading proposal stories online.

Securing time off work

One of the biggest challenges you are likely to face during the planning process is getting time off work. This should be something you check before you even think of booking flights or accommodation. Choose some potential dates and ask your partner to check if they can book a week or two off work. You will also have to do the same with your employer. Try to do this as far in advance as possible to increase the chances of your time off being permitted. If you want to keep the holiday a secret, consider calling their boss to see if you can organise the time-off yourself. Just ensure that they won’t reveal your plans to your partner beforehand.

Get help

If you disappear for a few hour during your holiday, this can arouse suspicion with your partner. It might also give the surprise away. So to ensure your proposal is kept under wraps for as long as possible, you need to enlist some help. Contact the management team at your accommodation or the location you intend to propose at. They should be able to help you with the planning and execution of your proposal. Another option is to invite close family or friends to join you on your trip. They can help you get everything organised without giving too much away. Again, this is something you will need to think about well in advance.

Whether you want to propose on a beach or on top of a skyscraper, these tips will ensure it is a complete success.