Planning a Wedding on a Budget: Three Areas Where You Can Save


Your wedding day should be one of the happiest days of your life. When you think about it, though, you can see why so many brides can get a little stressed in the build up to the big day. You are planning a major life event! Family and friends will all be there to celebrate, and you have to do it under the constraints of a certain budget. It is not always such a straightforward task. While some details of the wedding shouldn’t be scrimped on, there are plenty of things that can. More minor parts of the day don’t need to cost a fortune. When you look back at the day, they won’t be the things that you remember about it. So here are a few areas where you can cut back and save money for bigger things.

Wedding Stationery

Wedding stationery is a big business these days. There are many companies that will personalise everything for you and make everything look identical. If you have a bit of time on your hands, though, you can do some of these things by yourself. You can make your own wedding invitations or save the date cards. You could even look online for somewhere that does free wedding invitations. You can make your own order of service cards and table name cards to match. Get yourself plenty of cardstock, a calligraphy pen or use a printer. Simples!

Wedding Favours

Let’s face it, can you remember many of the wedding favours that you have had in the past? Quite often it will have been something edible or a little trinket like some personalised bubbles. It is just a token thing that people can take away with them from the table. A little thank you really. You will have to have one for every guest. So there is no need for it to be expensive. Could it be a few wrapped chocolates wrapped in something like organza? It could even be a boxed cupcake. You could make these yourself too. Just keep it simple as you’ll have to make or get a hundred or so of them.


The cost of flowers for a wedding can be huge. If you want a lot of them decorating everywhere, they can cost even more. But think about what flowers you are interested in at the wedding. It is pretty much only going to be the bride’s bouquet if any at all. Do you even know what flower was used in the best man’s buttonhole at the last wedding you were at? Probably not. So if you want to spend the money on lots of flowers, use them for the bouquet. You could use good synthetic alternatives for the groom and groomsmen if you wanted to. Or choose an overall cheaper flower. For example, a carnation will be much cheaper than a calla lily. So if you just need a white flower, then just mix it up a little bit. Don’t sweat the small stuff when they are things that shouldn’t stress you out.