Reading Is The Most Powerful Weapon Of All

Learning to read is one of the most powerful weapons we have in our armoury.  It empowers us by enabling a better level of learning.  It can lock us away when we need a little escapism and it can help us to better understand what life is really all about.  

There are a few books which are must reads regardless of who you are or what you do.  These literary gems will help you set about on the right path in your life.  They aren’t all self help books, but these will give you a deeper understanding of how to make the most of your life and increase your awareness of other people.

The Tibetan Book Of Living And Dying

Written by Sogyal Rinpoche in 1992 this book has become loved by many across the globe.  You don’t have to be practising buddhism to understand the brilliant message delivered through it’s thought provoking pages.  You will explore evolution, karma and rebirth understanding the messages hidden within your natural life.  It also helps you understand your mind, how it works and why it is our biggest wall to break through into happiness.  There are techniques which will teach you some incredible points to help you train your mind and take control of the negative thoughts.  There is a strong message of spirituality and the importance of following this path through life.  Whilst you may not wish to be more spiritual you can learn the art of compassion.  It also prepares your mind for death, helping you to realise how important love and care is to the dying whilst peacefully accepting your own future.  It is a must read for anyone who wants to explore their awareness.

The Game

Neil Strauss admits he is not a good looking man at all, yet in The Game he tells his story of sleeping with more hot LA models than he can count.  Packed with inspirational quotes the idea of reading a sales book becomes pretty relevant for those wanting to increase their confidence.  In the book he goes into the depths of the NLP and sales tactics he uses to sell himself, not just a product.  This is one of the best books on sales. You will find some relevant information to boosting your confidence and believing in your ability to be the best.  It’s well worth investing in the book to get to grips with your confidence.  

The Bible

Ok, we admit you may be thinking we have gone mad however hear us out.  Most of us were forced to read the bible stories at an age where we couldn’t really grasp the deeper message.  Reading the bible again, as an adult, can lead you to a whole different relationship with it.  If you aren’t religious then think of Jesus as the most successful philosopher of all time.   Whilst there are many things which have changed over the centuries.  One thing you can obtain in the bible is the art of forgiveness.  Which is a pretty good quality to have.

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