The “Real You” – Giving Yourself The Confidence To Face The World


Makeup divides opinion more than you would think it should. There are men out there, for example, who request before going on a first date that the lady doesn’t wear makeup. The argument that they give is “I want to get to know the real you.” It’s hard not to conclude that they mean “I want to see if you’re attractive 24/7 before I get in too deep”. If total honesty were what they were chasing, they’d just get a private detective to follow you around.

Nonetheless, there is a wider argument that goes on. Is it better to go fully natural when possible, and own your flaws? Or should you make sure that you take every helping hand you can get and put your best foot forward? After all, it’s your look. You don’t want it to be dictated by others. You do want to be able to sell it with confidence, though.

Flaws: Cover Them Up Or Work To Remove Them?

I’m not kidding, but there are people out there who think it’s dishonest to wear makeup. In a world where moral relativism is around every corner, can you imagine the following conversation with a significant other?

“Where were you until 10.30 last night?”

“Don’t start with that! If you were so interested in full disclosure, you wouldn’t wear all that on your face!”

Conversations like this do happen. Hiding your flaws is not dishonest, it’s sometimes important for self-confidence. But you can also just work on getting rid of some of them. Then you don’t have to worry about judgemental conversations like the above.

Enhancement: Under The Knife Or In Front Of The Mirror?

Plastic surgery is becoming more and more affordable and commonplace. There are a lot of procedures you can have “on the day” without any actual surgery these days. However, a lot of these procedures do have their drawbacks, with a loss of expression usually being the price of removing a flaw.

Getting the lowdown on non-surgical approaches is worthwhile. Using information from sources such as, you can make lasting changes and improvements. And you don’t have to go under anaesthetic for the results you’re looking for.

Just Going Natural: The “Warts And All” Approach

There are few people out there who present to the world the exact face they wake up with. This includes men, by the way. If anyone demands you turn up to a date without makeup on, ask them to turn up without shaving or using cologne. As long as we’re talking honesty…

If you have the nerve to pull off 100% natural, then it’s your choice. However, bear in mind that without treatment, some cosmetic flaws can get worse and become health issues. Evaluate your flaws. If it’s something that you can sell, like Cindy Crawford and her mole, work with it. If it’s something that could get worse, work on removing it. It’s worth noting that Cindy herself talks about getting rid of the mole for fear it could turn malignant.

It would be nice to be able to be free of artifice, and comfortable with ourselves all the time. Sometimes that’s not possible. Having a range of approaches to overcome the difficult days is advisable. Confidence is invaluable.