Saving Money On Your Makeup Routine

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Your makeup routine might be very expensive to keep up with – you’ve got new products to buy each and every month, and you probably use makeup on a daily basis, and that really adds up when your bills come in!

So, you’ve made some strides to keep your beauty routine ethical and vegan, and you’re worried the price of your makeup products are going to go up. However, there’s a few things you can do to stop this from happening, and to ensure you’re happy with what you spend on makeup and what brands you’re spending on each month. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Try

Shop in person. Make sure you’re around to test out products before you buy them, to ensure you’re getting what you want out of a product, and you’re never wasting money on items that’ll just be chucked in the drawers of your vanity table and never see the light of day again. 

Similarly, take your time whilst shopping. Make sure you use testers, and compare products to each other, and you’re truly satisfied with what you’re going to buy. You could save upwards of £20 to £30 every time you shop for new products if you know what you want and take the time to test. 

Go for Longer Term Investments

Long term makeup investments mostly refer to your under layer. Working with the face you naturally have, and coming up with a proper beauty routine to take care of it, can mean you save a lot of money on makeup, because you don’t need as much of it. 

So, you don’t have to spend any money on a facelift here, but you can invest in your skin and hair and their long term care. Face washes and scrubs, a good moisturiser, some toner and cleanser, etc., all need to be a part of your beauty routine, and the bottles they come in typically last a lot longer than bottles of foundation or concealers. Shelf life of products is often a lot longer for skin products than it is for makeup items; typically upwards of 6 months. 

Think About the Brands

And finally, the best way to shop cheaply on your makeup is to ensure the brands you’re picking up aren’t too pricey in themselves. Sometimes, all you’re paying for is a brand name, rather than a quality product, and it’s important to realise that. 

So make sure you do some research here, and look up/watch some reviews on your ‘fave’ products you couldn’t do without – are there cheaper alternatives? Could you shop with these ‘lesser’ brands, and save yourself lots of money on makeup shopping? You can find a list of budget friendly brands here

Your makeup routine doesn’t need to be an extortionate matter. It can be cheap enough to handle each and every month when you’re shopping for more, and as long as you know what you’re buying is right for you, you’ll never waste a single penny. 

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