Scintillating Ways To Make Your Wedding Picture Perfect


If you’ve come across this post, then you’ve probably already started planning your big day. Well, the first thing I want to say is congratulations! You’ve found the person that you want to share the rest of your life with. That was the hard part, but now the fun can really begin. Planning your wedding day is one of the most exciting things in a girl’s life. If you want the picture perfect wedding, you’ve come to the right place because I’ve got some fantastic advice for you.


How you decide to decorate the venue is an important part of any wedding. Have you and your partner decided on a theme? Or perhaps you just want the room decorated in the most beautiful way. Choosing the decoration for your venue should not be undertaken lightly. A floral arrangement in the centre of each table is a wonderful place to start. Choose your favourite flower or flowers and have a florist design a stunning centrepiece that will make your guests gasp in awe. Let’s not forget the rest of the venue, though. Hanging lights throughout the venue will give your wedding a breathtaking style. This simple yet beautiful idea will add elegance to your special day and will look wonderful in the wedding photos.

The Dress

Of course, the bride is the main attraction. The dress you choose will at one point be the only thing that all of your guests have their eyes on. A traditional white dress is always a wonderful choice. Whether you want a puffy princess dress or a slim fitting mermaid shape, bridal shops will be happy to cater to your needs. If you want something less traditional, there are plenty of dresses out there. You can put your own unique twist on a traditional dress, or you can go all out with something completely different. Just make sure it’s one that will make you feel beautiful and will wow your guests when you walk down the aisle.

Making The Memories That Will Last A Lifetime

Have you been thinking about hiring a photographer to capture your special day? This is a great idea. Having a professional photographer pretty much guarantees that your wedding photos will be stunning. However, there are other ways to capture special moments. There are companies that provide fun little extras such as a photo booth hire. Photo booths can add a sense of fun to your wedding. Your guests can take funny photos for you to add to your wedding album or for them to have as a keepsake. Photo booths are also great for capturing the parts of your wedding that you may have missed.

Add A Sugary Surprise

Before your guests sit down at the table, leave them a sugary treat in front of their seat. This could be a jar of sweets with your wedding date and name on. Or, you could go with a simple chocolate with a thank you note for coming. This will be a lovely gesture of thanks to your guests for coming to support you on your big day.

Do you find some of these ideas as delightful as I do? I certainly hope so and wish you a fantastic wedding and brilliant life with the one you love.