Who to See and What To Wear at Tramlines Festival 2017

Every year my husband and I go to Tramlines Festival, held in the centre of Sheffield. The festival is held over a weekend, from Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd July, and promises to be a scorcher. Going back to basics, this year the festival is being held over three revamped outdoor stages, and headlining the main stage this year are indie lads The Libertines, the iconic Primal Scream and the ever-so-cool Metronomy. This is my fifth Tramlines, so here are some of my ideas for who to see and what to wear this year.

The Big Moon

The Big Moon are a moody, sultry indie band full of some very cool girls; basically this is the line-up of my ideal band. I first came across The Big Moon a few Tramlines ago when they were called something else, and I was immediately blown away. Catch them at Devonshire Green at 18.15 on the Sunday.

Primal Scream

Primal Scream and All Saints are actually on at the same time, which is a shame as pre-teen Carolanne was a big All Saints fan, but I’d never forgive myself for missing the chance to see Loaded being played live. Which they’ll surely play, most definitely. Primal Scream are on the Main Stage, Saturday at 20.45, but if you’d rather see All Saints, they’re on at Devonshire Green at the same time.

Alvarez Kings

Alvarez Kings are a Sheffield band who have bizarrely never played Tramlines before. They’re a kind of pop-guitar band with really likable songs (there’s a reason I’m not a music journalist, sorry boys). I’ve seen them a few times and they sound impeccable live. Signed by Warner Bros, I’m sure they’re going to go far. They’re also pretty nice guys too; check out this interview they did with Rob Watches Movies.

Alvarez Kings are at Devonshire Green, Saturday at 15.45.

The Libertines

Well, you’ve got to see The Libertines, haven’t you? This will be my third time seeing Pete Doherty; the first time was at a secret gig in Camden as part of Babyshambles and it was amazing. The second time was as The Libertines and it was, excuse my terrible pun, simply a shambles. Hopefully they’ll be better this time. Come on, Pete. Catch them on the Main Stage on Friday at 20.45.

The Folk Forest

One of my favourite stages at Tramlines is the Folk Forest. A little out of the way, the Folk Forrest is a kind of mini-festival. Think family-friendly, trees, fairy lights, arts and crafts and you’re on the right track. Last year I saw Marika Hackman, who I adore, and tried some delicious real ale. I’m not sure we’ll have time to head over there this year as we already have a very packed schedule, but if you get the chance I recommend going to see Cate Le Bon and trying out some yoga in the park.

What to Wear

As Tramlines is held at mid-July, it’s usually pretty sunny, but I’ve been caught in a massive downpour on more than one occasion, so pack for rain! As the majority of the festival is being held outside this year (and on grass) it’s important that you bring layers and comfortable shoes. Something fun like layering dresses with a festival mac will work, whatever the weather.

If you’re heading over to Tramlines Festival make sure you download the interactive digital programme.