Seven Unusual Wedding Favour Ideas

When planning your dream wedding, it can be difficult to think of unique wedding favour ideas that haven’t been recycled dozens of times before. Interesting wedding favours can leave a lasting impact on your guests, but it can be time-consuming to search through ideas online. For the sake of convenience, here are 7 unusual and unique wedding favour ideas to consider:

1. Scented Candles

Scented candles are a fun and practical gift for your guests to keep on a bedside table or in the living room. You or your partner can select scents that you love, or scents you find particularly romantic for your friends to keep in the bedroom. Whatever you decide to do with them, scented candles are a wedding favor that your guests will actually be glad to receive.

2. Tea Sachets

If you or your partner are tea lovers, boxes of tea sachets can be unique and practical wedding favors that match the interests of the bride and groom. To personalize it even more, consider selecting some of your favorite types of tea to include, or choose a bunch of unique flavors to keep things interesting.

3. Adult Coloring Books

Adult coloring books are all the rage now, so why not include them as a fun and unusual wedding favour? Because of their popularity, there are tons of designs to choose from. You might consider themed coloring books based on you or your spouse’s interests, or go for something fun and silly like celebrity-themed books.

4. Personalized CDs

Not only will providing a CD of some of your favorite songs add a bit of personal flair to the wedding favours, but it’s also a way to provide great wedding favors without emptying your wallet. The only expense is blank disks to burn the songs onto, and you and your spouse will have a ton of fun selecting a playlist for your wedding.

5. Seeds

Another unique idea to consider is providing bags of seeds for your guests. The options here vary: you could choose a mix of flower seeds to remind guests of the wedding when they bloom, or go for a practical route and mix fruit and vegetable seeds for your friends to enjoy once they grow. Best of all, this is another wedding favour that won’t break the bank.

6. Jars of Honey

Sweets are a popular choice for wedding favours, but candy or chocolate are repeated at countless weddings. Instead, opt for a different sweet choice by providing your guests with jars of honey. It’s a practical gift that all of your guests will find a use for, and you can have messages painted onto the jars to add a personal touch.

7. Recipe Cards

This might be the least expensive wedding favor idea on the list, but that doesn’t mean that your guests won’t love it. You and your spouse can choose from some of your favorite recipes and print them on cards to hand out to guests, or bind a couple cards together into miniature recipe books. To add to the fun, consider providing recipes for one or more dishes served at the wedding, or include some classic family recipes from either of the families.

As a general set of guidelines, when trying to find the perfect wedding favours, go for original and practical ideas. Another good general idea is to focus on personalized items, as the sentiment behind them will be a lovely gift for old friends and family. So many wedding favours are tacky or nearly useless, but by thinking outside the box and adding a personal touch to your wedding favours, you can leave an impression on your guests and leave them with wedding favours they won’t throw away.