Simple Rules For A Wonderful Wedding

Everyone wants their big day to be wonderful right? But they can end up being so complicated, with so much to do and worry about! But your wedding day and the time leading up to it don’t have to be like that. In fact, you can have a wonderful wedding that includes minimal stress by just following these simple rules.

Be organised

You definitely need to be organised to make your wedding wonderful. But not in a crazy, nervous breakdown bridezilla way! Remember organisation does not mean running around like a headless chicken and having tantrums!

In fact, being organised is much more about keeping on top of what has been done and what still needs to be done. Getting a wedding planning folder can help, as can using a spreadsheet. Just don’t let them take over your life, or you will be so frazzled when you do get to the big day you won’t enjoy it!

Be relaxed

One of the worse things that can happen is that your wedding is wonderful, but you are way too stressed from all the planning to enjoy it.

This is a massive shame, and quite sad that the person that has put the most work in, doesn’t get a chance to appreciate the fruits of their labour. That is why it is essential to be as relaxed as possible for your wedding.

To do this, you may have to alter your attitude and realise that other people will want to get involved in your day. Set aside tasks that you don’t mind relinquishing in advance like getting the cake organised, so you can assign them and make people feel involved.

Be Realistic

It is pretty easy to get some unrealistic expectation about how thing should be on your wedding day. In fact, there are so many brides that bank on certain weather like sunshine or snow to make their day perfect. When the reality of the situation is that we cannot control such things, unless you purchase a snow machine!

Be very careful of picking a venue that depends on a certain type of weather to fulfil your expectations. As this is very unpractical, and you are setting yourself up to be disappointed.

However, what, do you do if you have found the perfect wedding venue, but need to make sure the weather doesn’t get in the way? Well, you can explore options like this luxury marquee hire company. Then you will be able to have your celebration in the perfect location no matter what the weather.

Be Focused On You

One of the biggest sources of stress when planning a wedding is worrying about what others will think. Of course, we all want our friends and families to have a good time, and we’d also like to impress them a little bit. But the main thing to remember about a wedding day is that it is the day of your marriage, and that is actually what matters.

Whether Auntie Beryl thinks you are cutting corners by having smoked salmon for a starter? Or if Uncle Bob doesn’t enjoy the music you have picked, should really be way down the list of your priorities. At the top should be your future spouse and what they want, and yourself of course. Remember everyone else come second to you as a couple on your wedding day!  

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