Small but Impressive Kitchen Upgrades

As your kitchen is the heart of your home, and an area that you spend a lot of time in entertaining family and friends, it comes as no wonder as to why so many people want to renovate this special area. A total kitchen revamp can be costly and time-consuming, however with a few small tricks, you can easily achieve your dream kitchen without spending a fortune. Here are five small but impressive upgrade ideas to spark your imagination and breathe life back into your kitchen area again.  

New Lighting 

The lighting you have in your kitchen plays a huge part in the overall appearance, mood, and feel of the space. For a kitchen to look good and function well, you’ll need to choose fixtures that compliment the area and provide sufficient light for safe food preparation. Try task lighting for areas such as the kitchen sink or above the hob, and homely, atmospheric mood lighting for the dining area. Think LED lights, pendant lights, or even sleek floor lighting for contemporary kitchens. 

Replace Small Features

Are some of your kitchen appliances looking tired? Consider buying glossy matching appliances such as toasters, microwaves, and coffee machines to achieve a more defined and coordinated kitchen theme. Likewise, why not upgrade your old cookware? These small purchases can all perk up your space and add a touch of newness without hurting your bank. As well as appliances, consider updating the hardware in your kitchen, such as switching old knobs on cabinets, or installing a water filter, such as with

Refresh Cabinets with Paint 

Fresh paint on old cabinets can work wonders – you’ll be amazed by the results! If your  cabinets are in need of some TLC, a new coat of paint can be an easy and cost-effective upgrade idea to illuminate your kitchen space. Try choosing a bold colour that adds dimension to your kitchen, or stain your cabinets with a darker tone for a more minimalistic look. If you do decide on a darker colour, make sure that your existing lighting features and walls offer enough brightness in the room. 

Decorate your Walls 

When it comes to decorating your kitchen walls, there are endless possibilities! Add a pop of personality with funky art, pastel shades, cityscape prints, or inspiring quotes that resonate with you. If art isn’t your thing, try installing functional shelves, hanging plants, or even add a feature wall to infuse your kitchen area with style. 

Organise your Area 

No matter the size of your kitchen, keeping it tidy and organised can sometimes prove to be a chore. Storage containers, pot racks, cookware organizers, or pull-out cabinet drawers can make struggling to find your kitchen necessities a thing of the past. For an even tidier kitchen, try to declutter by downsizing tableware, throwing away or selling unused appliances, checking for any duplicates you may have, and being practical where you choose to place items. After all, a well ordered kitchen is a happy kitchen! 

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